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a wooden box with a bowl and two stars hanging from it's sides on a white background
Commissions — Shirley Vauvelle
a dog sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a light bulb and a stick
some fish that are sitting on top of a newspaper
Kristy Jo Beber Stoneware Pottery
a close up of a wooden pole with a plant hanging from it
Windspiel - Etsy.de
✿ Windspiel✿
a piece of wood that has some bowls on it and is hanging on the wall
a group of ceramic ornaments hanging from strings on a black background with white polka dots
three bird ornaments hanging from a branch in front of a glass window with the reflection of another bird on it
three pieces of art that are sitting on a table
Z B O R K A - Свободный Взгляд ©. Запись со стены.
Lynn Sattler. Керамика | Z B O R K A - Свободный Взгляд © | ВКонтакте
three small sculptures sitting on top of books
Verhoog uw inspiratie niveau 🤩
Dit abstracte miniatuurbeeldje is een prachtig kunstwerk dat overal waar u het neerzet onmiddellijk een gespreksonderwerp zal worden. Als u leven wilt blazen in uw huis of kantoorruimte, is dit de perfecte manier om dat te doen.
several bells hanging from strings with designs on them
a candle holder with a lit candle in it
how to make air dry clay gnomes with instructions for making them out of clay
Clay Scandinavian Gnomes | Crafts
a wooden bird hanging from a rope on the side of a building
a red and blue vase sitting on top of a white table
Wil van den Hoek
two large green and red flowers sitting in the middle of a garden next to trees
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a sculpture made out of clay and wire with flowers in it's head on a wooden block
imagine the animal one of the ceramic figures i have
three wooden vases with metal flowers and leaves in them on top of a tree stump
Assemblages Created With Wood and Ceramics
Mixed media artist Shirley Vauvelle is nationally and internationally becoming an established Britis...
a wooden spoon sitting on top of a table next to small houses with blue roof tops
Cooking utensils – spoon rest SPOON PAUSE mint – a design … – World of Flowers
Cooking utensils - spoon rest SPOON PAUSE mint - a design ...- Kochutensilien – Löffelablage ❤LÖFFELPAUSE❤ mint – ein Designerstück von … Cooking utensils – spoon rest ❤LÖFFELPAUSE❤ mint – a unique product by FischerKunterbunt on DaWanda -#artificialflowersbox #fakeflowersbox #flowersboxbalcony #flowersboxwithchocolate #hangingflowersbox
four ceramic angel ornament hanging on a white table with red, blue and green ornaments
(notitle) - Podrygonek 5 - #notitle #Podrygonek #potterypaintingideas