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black and white photograph of a man's face with flowers on his head, in front of a building
Mishondiay, Andeeaska
an image of a white busture with flowers on it's head in chinese
Giuliano de' Medici (1453-1478) by Michelangelo Buonarotti ~ Giuliano de' Medici was the second son of Piero de' Medici and Lucrezia Tornabuoni. As co-ruler of Florence, with his brother Lorenzo the Magnificent, he complemented his brother's image as the patron of the arts with his own image as the handsome, sporting, golden boy.
an aerial view of the dome of a building in italy, looking down at the city below
a close up of a statue of a man with curls on his head and shoulders
Michelangelo's "David"
a close up of a statue of a man holding something to his ear with one hand
Artistic Visions: Western Sculpture of the Renaissance
Learn about Artistic Visions: Western Sculpture Of The Renaissance at The Library | Eastern every Saturday in May at 10am
an aerial view of a city with buildings and mountains in the background, including a church steeple
everything-thing: “ Firenze Centro by ypsylon_ ”
an aerial view of a city with tall buildings and a domed building in the center
🇮🇹.... Il viaggio è una specie di porta attraverso la quale si esce dalla realtà come per penetrare in una realtà inesplorata che sembra un…
a statue is in the middle of a large room with columns and arches on both sides
Michelangelo's David: Admire World's Greatest Sculpture at Accademia Gallery
Michelangelo’s David, Accademia Gallery in Florence Italy, with the kids this time!