Composition (Florence Academy of Russian Art)

“Stating that composition cannot be analyzed from the scientific and methodological point of view is particularly strange considering the fact that any…
27 Pins
a painting of a man in black and gold
Full figure
an article about the art of painting with pictures and text describing it as key subjects
a drawing of an orchestra and conductor
Florence classical arts academy
children playing in the sand at the beach
Florence Classical Arts Academy
a man standing in front of a building while holding a piece of paper and painting
Plein Air
an oil painting of a church on a hill
Plein Air
a painting of a woman holding a flag
Detail from drapery color study
three different pictures of people standing in front of a building and one has a painting on it
The development process of an individual composition
a drawing of a man's torso and muscles on display
Full figure drawing
two people sitting in front of an easel with paintings on it and one person painting
a painting of jesus standing next to a group of people near a tree with two men on it
Inga-student diploma work
a group of people standing around a statue in a room with paintings on the wall
Plein Air at Florence
a painting of three women dressed in brown and white
Composition student work
Florence Classical Arts Academy
three women dressed in black and white standing next to each other
Ruth Pool-student work
Florence Classical Arts Academy
an artist's easel with paintings on it in front of her and another painting behind her
Louli-student work
Florence Classical Arts Academy