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Bizarre Victorian-Inspired illustrations by Olex Oleole

YOUR BRAIN AND YOU Because the human brain is usually covered with a skull and scalp and hair and sometimes even a hat, we don't know much about it. We know it looks like a cauliflower, but aside from that, it's most.

Head of Medusa, Italy, 17th century. Unknown print-maker, The Victoria and Albert Museum

centuriespast: Head of Medusa Place of origin: Italy (probably, made) Date: century (made) Artist/Maker: Unknown (print-maker) The Victoria and Albert Museum

MM dissected

Austrian street artist Nychos is presenting a new art show in Brooklyn called “Silly Slicesophy” that consists of cross-sections and slice-up versions of classic Disney cartoon characters. Nychos has done … Continued

Creepy Disney

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