Italian Food Ad.

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m & m's candy is shown in the image, and it looks like they are
M&M's the tricolor of Italy
a poster advertising gelati motta with a woman holding a fan in her hand
an old advertisement for pepsi with a man and woman
Italy Mag
Luisa Spagnoli began in the chocolate industry opening the Perugina Factory in Italy, responsible for bringing you such delectable things as Baci chocolates. Later she began the Luisa Spagnoli clothing label.
two hands holding wine glasses with the words viva vino italiano in front of them
– Viva Vino / Waitrose Carluccio
an advertisement for the italian food company barella, featuring a chicken with eggs on it's back
Erberto Carboni, early 1950s
Erberto Carboni, early 1950s , advertisement for Barilla egg pasta
an advertisement for the marmite brand with a woman tennis player in mid - air
Slathering Gold onto Hot Toast
vintage advertising poster - Marmite
a metal sign that says traditional pasta in italian
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Is pasta too Italian for quebecers? Why not ban every word that's not French? Is Pauline Marois against the Italian language? Is this getting too ridiculous? The Quebec government wants to place laws to preserve the Quebec language, however they might be taking it too far, they decided to sue the restaurant buonanotte for having the word pasta on their menu. How far will this new rule go? We'll soon find out!
an advertisement for the venchi brand with a clown's face and tongue
Great Modern Pictures in the interiors of New York Bed and Breakfast hotels
Vintage Food Poster
an advertisement for martini rose wine with a woman pouring it into glasses on the beach
The Nifty Fifties
Martini Rossi vermouth advertisment, 1959.
an advertisement for the italian ice cream company, freisiblee with a man making a surprised face
1950-1970s Italy Through Vintage Food Ads
1950-1970s Italy Through Vintage Food Ads #advertising #vintage
an advertisement for motta's italian bread with the letter m on it and a piece of pizza in the middle
By Sepo (Severo Pozzati), 1951, Motta. (I)
a woman holding a bar of chocolate in her hands
Pasta Riccardi Vintage Spaghetti, Pasta, Macaroni, Ad, Advertising