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a man is standing in front of a shrine
Verano - Flaminio Prima porta - Acattolico - Tombe famose - Cimitero
Carlo Pedersoli Bud Spencer
flowers and candles are placed in front of a memorial
Romolo Balzani
the grave of don lurio is surrounded by greenery and inscribed with an inverted star
Don Lurio
two vases with flowers are sitting on a memorial wall in front of a plaque
Luigi gigi Sabani
a vase filled with red and white flowers sitting in front of a stone wall that reads piero poloo menna
Pietro Paolo Mennea
flowers and pictures are on display in a memorial box with a heart - shaped wreath
Roberto Mancini
a small white building with a cross on the door and steps leading up to it
Alberto Sordi
a grave with flowers and a cross on it in the middle of some grass area
Luigi Comencini
a cement plaque with writing on it in front of some plants and bushes, next to a planter
Pontecorvo Bruno
there are many flowers and pictures on the wall
Elena Fabbrizio sora lella
an old building with columns and a tree in the middle
Trilussa Carlo alberto Salustri
a stone monument with trees and bushes around it
Nicola Calipari
a grave with flowers and a cross on it
Carlo Dapporto
an old grave in the middle of some bushes
Enrico Toti
flowers and candles are on display in front of a plaque that reads gianni brezza
Gianni Brezza