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a platter filled with cucumbers and other food on top of a stove
R&E Service | Events 🍽️ on Instagram: "R&E Service | Events 🍽️ Aty për ju ! •Shërbime në shtëpi & restorante nëpër ahengje, manifestime të ndryshme në rrethinën e Tetovës dhe Gostivarit. Contact us on dm📥. Tetovë, Maqedoni 📍 #dekor #catering #cateringwedding #cateringservice #weddingservice #atyperju #regroup #sherbimedasmash #greatfood #staff #ushqimetradicionale #dasma #work #dasma #albanian #albania🇦🇱 #shqip #dasemshqiptare #decor #ushqimetradiocionale #ushqime #kuzhina #kuzhinashqiptare #tetove #tetova #gostivar #shkup #kercova"
a platter filled with fruit on top of a table
Mamma Rango on Instagram: "Tábua de Frutas! Uma sugestão colorida, apetitosa e saudável para uma sobremesa ou até mesmo de lanche para receber num chá da tarde! Caprichando na elaboração dos pratos sempre tem um afeto e carinho especial!"
a hand holding a branch with white flowers on it next to some yellow sponges
Victoria Rakytska on Instagram: "Chocolate Willow Branches for your Spring Cake #chocolatewillow #шоколаднавчання #rakytskaya"
there is a pie with carrots and cream on it
Kookmutsjes on Instagram: "• CHARLOTTE TAART MET AARDBEIEN (NO BAKE) • Maak een heerlijk dessert met deze No Bake Charlotte taart, bereid met lange vingers! Deze smaakvolle traktatie is eenvoudig te maken en zit boordevol aardbeien. Laat je verrassen door de romige textuur en verfijnde chocoladesmaak, zonder dat je een oven hoeft te gebruiken.😍 Directe link naar het recept vind je in mijn bio. Ben je op zoek naar nog meer lekkere recepten? Ons tweede boek is uit! Directe link naar het recept en boek @kookmutsjes ~ BIO & INSTASTORIES!❤ #kookmutsjes #chocolate #cake #yummy #food #delicious #alhamdulillah #viral #fyp #strawberry #ramadan #eid #trending #charlotte #charlotterusse"
someone is holding a chocolate bar that has been cut in half and placed on top of it
‎شکلات وترافل های دست ساز‎ on Instagram‎: "🌿نه زمستانی باش که بلرزانی نه تابستانی باش که بسوزانی بهاری باش که برویانی… @Choco.delia @Choco.delia #شکلات_دست_ساز#آموزش_شکلات_دست_ساز #شکلات_تبلتی_دستساز#آموزش_شکلات #شکلات_اردبیل #شکلات_تبلتی #شکلات_هدیه #عیدنوروز #بهار #شکلات_تلخ #شکلات_کادویی"‎
several small sandwiches are arranged on a cutting board with lettuce and tomato slices
Kristel Talie on Instagram: "Emmental & Prosciutto Flowers 🌼 The best kind of flowers are the kind you can eat😋 These ham & cheese mini rolls are perfect for an Easter party or a spring day appetizer! You’ll need: Tortillas Dijonnaise (mayonnaise + Dijon mustard) Emmental slices Prosciutto Lettuce Cherry tomatoes Spread a thin layer of Dijonnaise on a tortilla. Top with prosciutto, and cut out the extras. Slice the tortilla lengthwise into strips. Using a glass or cup, cut out Emmental circles then slice them in half to make semi-circles or “petals”. On the edges of each tortilla strip, place 3-4 slices of cheese “petals” and roll tightly. Secure with a toothpick. Finally, add a piece of lettuce and cherry tomato halves to complete the appetizer. Enjoy!✨ #spring #easter #appetizer
asparagus and broccoli empanada pastries on a white plate
Mediterranean Diet Meal on Instagram: "🫒🥘 Puff Pastry. 💁‍♀️ Type "Puff" If You Want to Get More Recipes From @mediterraneandiet_meal 👋 Follow @mediterraneandiet_meal to Get Daily Mediterranean Recipes 👉 Ingredients ▢1 bunch asparagus (about 12-16 ounces) ends trimmed ▢1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ▢kosher salt ▢pepper ▢2 sheets frozen puff pastry thawed ▢8 ounces Gruyere shredded ▢12 slices prosciutto ▢1 egg beaten Instructions Preheat oven to 425°F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. On a lightly floured surface, roll the puff pastry out to a large rectangle about double the original size. Square off edges and cut into 6 squares. (I use a pizza cutter to do this). Toss asparagus in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. To make the bundles, place slice of prosciut
sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce are arranged on a cutting board in the kitchen
Chef AL keif on Instagram‎: "follow @chef_al_keif شيف عالكيف 🍅🍅🫑 ‏From the series: Easy snacks😊 to make ‏Today’s snack is too sensational, the way we like it. ! ‏Please share it with friends so that it can spread and benefit😊 ‏Ingredients: Shaped bread, cottage cheese, cheese, lettuce, salami and cherry tomato. Enjoy"‎
some pink cake pops are on a table with candy sticks in the foreground and an arabic text above them
‎بلاگر اموزشیِ کیک و شیرینی اردبیلی🎂💕🍓‎ on Instagram‎: "اگه نمیدونی پاپس کیک چیه تو کامنت بپرس🍡🥰 @dre_amcake1 @dre_amcake1 @dre_amcake1 لذت بخشه که مهمون بیاد خونت و این اثر هنری و ببینه و به کدبانو و هنرمندیت بنازی 😅💕 پس منووفالو کن که ازین ترفندا و اموزشای ساده و کاربردی برا هنرمند شدنت کلیییی میزارم😍🍒 @dre_amcake1 @dre_amcake1 @dre_amcake1 #papscake #papcake #cake #پاپس_کیک_مدرن_مجلسی #پاپس #پاپسکیک #پاپس_کیک #آموزشی #کاربردی #آسان #آموزش_آسان#کدبانوی_ایرانی #کدبانو #کدبانوی_خونه_ی_خودم #کدبانوی_هنرمند"‎
chocolate covered strawberries are arranged on a wooden tray with leaves and sprinkles
BOUTOUNNOU 💚 | vegan gluten free recipes 🌱 | on Instagram: "YAY or NAY?❤️ Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Gems🤤👌🏻Follow me for more deliciousness 😋a delightful and refreshing treat perfect for hot summer days!😉 By @shicocooks ❤️These bite-sized frozen delights combine the creaminess of yogurt, the sweetness of fresh strawberries, and the decadence of chocolate🤤 so beautiful 😍 what do you think? 🤔 ⠀ ⭐️ Follow me 👉 @pastry_creation_1 for healthy simple vegan, recipes that will help you lose weight, and feel great 👆 ⠀ ⭐️ Tag a friend who would love this recipe! ⠀ I wish you a lovely Friday my dears😍😍 ⠀ WHAT YOU NEED👇 6 servings 150g chocolate dark, milk, or white 25ml sunflower oil or Coconut 🥥 200g strawberries diced 150g plain yogurt sprinkles for decoration⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cakein
finger foods with olives and cherry tomatoes on a wooden platter, ready to be eaten
‎فلورا|چیدمان|دکوراسیون|میوه آرایی‎ on Instagram‎: "بهتون قول میدم اگر یکبار این فینگر فود جذاب رو امتحان کنین حتما عاشقش میشین 😍 اینجوری میزهای پذیرایی رو زیباتر بچین 😍 برای دیدن ایده های بیشتر با من همراه باشین🌱 مواد لازم : نون تست ، سس مایونز ، ژامبون مرغ ، پنیر اگر دوسش داشتین برای دوستانتون هم بفرستین🥰 @flora_home_design @flora_home_design برای دیدن ایده های بیشتر با من همراه باشین❣️ ممنون که با لایک و سیو و شیر و کامنت حمایت میکنین. #فینگرفوود #میوه_آرایی @flora_home_design @flora_home_design"‎
someone is decorating a cake with marshmallows
‎عائلةتوتو🍓‎ on Instagram‎: "#yummy 😋😍#badalianmery #asmr #xyzbca #foryoupage #satisfying #shorts #youtubeshorts #fyp#اكسبلور_فولو #اكسبلور #ترتيب #حلويات #love"‎
pastries sitting on top of a cutting board covered in powdered sugar
barbhomekitchen on Instagram: "Kinder pain au chocolat 😋😋😋 #reels #Delish #homecooking #puffpastry"
Bon Ap’ on Instagram: "Quiche aux pommes de terre sans pâte ! 😋
#food #recette #quiche 

1 kg de pommes de terre
600 g de crème fraîche
3 oignons rouges
200 g de lardons
100 g de fromage
Oignons nouveaux

Cuisson : 20 minutes à 200°C"
Bon Ap’ on Instagram: "Quiche aux pommes de terre sans pâte ! 😋 #food #recette #quiche 1 kg de pommes de terre 600 g de crème fraîche 3 oignons rouges 200 g de lardons 100 g de fromage Oignons nouveaux Cuisson : 20 minutes à 200°C"
two pink flowers are being held by someone's hand on a white surface with other flowers in the background
Piya on Instagram: "How to make two-toned hydrangeas using the clingfilm method Happy sat everyone ❤️ #rosettes#flowers#buttercrem#cakes#cakedecorating#bakers#food#ideas#pretty#love#baking#foodbloggers"