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Writing Goal Board Students use post-its to self-edit each piece of writing for spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and sight word spelling:

Setting Goals in Writing

We've been quite busy trying to "fit it all in" with all of these snow days in Ohio! We are at 7 or 8 I believe, which is over our allotted 5. I am hoping the state will step in and give us some extras due to the uncanny weather conditions we've had this winter! When cancellations and particularly 2 hour delays occur, teachers have to be selective about what we are going to teach. Two hours is a big chunk of time to be missing! I almost always put writing as a priority in my room. I think…

writers workshop...mini lessons that stay up all year:

Use Your Writing VOICES!

Before I get on with the real topic of this post, let me thank all of you who were able to commiserate with me on the substitute situation. It seems like many of you have been there too! I think I finally have my friends back on track. It's amazing how long it takes to recover from one wacky day! Now, on to writing. . . At the start of the school year, I was looking for a new way to focus my friends on the six traits of writing and the reading strategies we use. I came across the idea of…

4 Square Planning: The Key to Organized Writing - Awesome guest blog post and freebie from Catherine Reed, the Brown Bag Teacher:

4 Square Planning: The Key to Organized Writing

Corkboard Connections is a blog written by Laura Candler who enjoys connecting terrific teachers with amazing resources!

Poetry writing unit for lower elementary! Look at these cute poetry mini posters!!!:

Poetry Unit for Lower Elementary

Interested in receiving freebies, classroom ideas, an inspirational quote, and self-care tips every week? Subscribe to my weekly inspiration email by clicking here! This poetry unit has been a huge work-in-progress for me over the past three years and it is finally completed and updated! In this ...

Inspired Elementary: Valentine's Day Writing Activity Set Freebie!:

Writing centre. Samples of what students can work on include:  Letter writing List making Story writing Start a Topic book (a book all about topic of student's choice) Comic strips Card making... All materials available for students at one location.:

Writing Center

Writing centers are used in the classroom to encourage students to write and practice skills related to writing. The 6+1 traits of conventions, ideas, voice, word choice, organization, fluency, and…