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a woman sitting in front of a blackboard with the words, need help with your career transition? embrace your career
Career Aspirations
Embrace your career aspirations. Harness your strengths and seize opportunities. Need help with your career transition? Let's talk about it!
Perchè non succede?
3 Motivi per cui le cose non vanno come desideri..... ... è in arrivo qualcos'altro!
a poster with the words, why talk to a career coach?
Career Coaching
5 things you can do with a career coach: - clarify your interests and values - set concrete & actionable goals - address job dissatisfaction - work through confidence issues - prepare for job applications
an orange book cover with the words trust the process and a woman's face
Grow model for coaching activities
The GROW model is a simple yet powerful coaching framework that helps individuals and teams set goals, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential.
a woman in a field with the words life and career coaching written below her on it
Come raggiungere la piena realizzazione
Con un percorso di coaching personalizzato sulle tue esigenze è possibile raggiungere obiettivi, trovare soluzioni creative, migliorare, crescere, evolvere, utilizzare pienamente competenze e skills. Visita il mio sito e prenota un incontro di prova gratuito.