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Tracking your progress with coaching
The elements to recognize whether the coaching activity is returning value to you, you may consider the following: 1. the level of involvement and the evolution of your plan 2. your new learnings 3. changes in information from those who know you 4. changes in your behavior and habits Please scroll through the infographic with the 4 most frequent success measures in coaching and call me for any support.
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Gentle Reminder for Growth
Personal growth allows you to align your actions with your values and goals. This increased sense of purpose leads to greater satisfaction and enjoyment in life. Need help? Best of luck!
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Actions to experiment with Coaching
Here are some reasons to turn to a Coach: • Transforming an idea into a concrete project to be developed • Receive support in clarifying values to live in line with your aspirations • Focus and develop new skills and abilities • Overcoming fears, uncertainties, anxieties, worries, frustrations and obstacles • Accelerate the achievement of results on set objectives and projects • Learn to recognize limiting beliefs • Listen to your uniqueness • Experiment with the novelty
Esplorazioni di Primavera: 4 lezioni dalla natura
1) Identificare gli ostacoli e le strategie per superarli 2) Analizzare le alternative 3) Affrontare la situazione con impegno 4) Imparare dall'esperienza
a quote on collect moments, not things
For your growth, collect moments, not things....
Life experiences, both positive and negative, contribute to who we are. They teach us valuable lessons, help us form connections with others, and shape our perspectives.
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March: new energy!
In March give a boost to your energy! Don't know where to start? Let's discuss your needs in a coaching program right for you.
Piano di Sviluppo Individuale
ll Piano di Sviluppo individuale è uno strumento per la crescita professionale e personale. La pianificazione dello sviluppo è un processo continuo Scopri nel video le 6 fasi per la redazione del tuo Piano di Sviluppo Individuale. Scrivimi per lavorare insieme all’identificazione delle tue aree di sviluppo e alla definizione del tuo piano di crescita personalizzato.
The Individual Development Plan
The Individual Development Plan is a tool for professional and personal growth. Development planning is an ongoing process. Discover in the video the 6 steps for crafting your Individual Development Plan. Write to me to work together on identifying your development areas and defining your personalized growth plan.
an orange book cover with the words don't be afraid to ask for help
Don't be afraid to ask for help
Sometimes, having doubts about your knowledge and skills is part of being human. Being open and talking about it to someone that can help clarification, and is a step forward in itself. Let's talk about it!
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Infografica: Sviluppo dei Collaboratori
9 Modi per supportare e sviluppare i collaboratori nella cultura del miglioramento continuo
Wheel of Life
Evaluate the different aspects of your life and check if you need any change. Assess your overall life satisfaction and identify areas where you might want to make improvements. Contact me, I'll be happy to support you!
an orange book cover with the words passi per cresita e stilppo
Passi di crescita e sviluppo
Cosa fare per migliorare e crescere? Il coaching può aiutare a: - definire un piano, - esplorare opportunità, - ricercare feedback, - apprendere ... tutto questo aumenterà le tue conoscenze e svilupperà l'atteggiamento mentale e pratico più adatto per ottenere risultati.
Mindset per Imprenditrici
Coaching, Apprendimento, Skills, Conoscenze, Atteggiamento mentale e pratico, Modo di pensare per la crescita.