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Irish Green coffee table
Posted @withregram • @luxurymarbleinteriors The appealing design of the set of two coffee tables offers timeless charm to your living room or lounge area. Set of two coffee tables with Irish green top and frame in stainless steel add a fantastic touch to both traditional and contemporary decor. #coffeetable #marblecoffeetable #marbletop #blacktable #blackcoffeetable #luxurytable #coolcoffeetables #fancytables #designtable #designcoffeetable
the marble is white and grey with black stripes
Grey Velvet Onyx
Admire the orderly, stratified structure of this Onyx Grey Velvet, just arrived in our warehouse. The silver grey and beige crystalline intrusions, makes it the perfect choice for those projects requiring sobre colours to create an elegant ambience. ES2230 Grey Velvet is now Available in our Warehouse
a living room filled with furniture and lights next to a wall mounted glass sculpture on the wall
E-light System Technology
E-light System Technology By Elite Stone - Backlit panels
a room with two large vases filled with plants and paintings on the wall behind them
Fossena bar cube
ubtle blend of shape and functionality represent new design trends. Chic cubic bars with shelves and sinks inside, utilizable for living room, reception or bar.
a black and white checkered bathroom with two sinks, toilet and bidet in it
Illusion wall bathroom
A marble wall made by leftovers of Port Laurent and Bianco Carrata Marble
a table that is sitting in front of a wall with the words elite stone on it
Sculpture-table Alligator
a large marble table in an office building with glass doors on the sides and floor
Sculpture-table Alligator