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the stairs are red and white in color
AMUNT, Filip Dujardin · Schreber
AMUNT, Filip Dujardin · Schreber · Divisare
an empty room with wood flooring and fireplace in the center, surrounded by large windows
A Milano, MDC Gallery apre a Casa Corbellini-Wassermann di Piero Portaluppi
Sulla ristrutturazione della Casa Corbellini-Wassermann di Piero Portaluppi: MDC Gallery e Studio Binocle
the hallway is lined with framed photographs and pictures
Hallway Art
I would love skinny shelves like this for art. So I could just move them as I please. No extra holes in the walls
there are many books on the shelves in this hallway
20 Unusual Books Storage Ideas For Book Lovers
20 Unusual Books Storage Ideas For Book Lovers
there is a wall with pictures and mirrors on it
To be Confident, Experience Max Workouts!
Picture arrangement great how they ignored the thermostat and light switch.....many would treat this as a lost space
an empty hallway with white walls and wooden doors
Pure white corridor with rich wood and travertine. The Boustred House by Ian Moore Architects.
the hallway is lined with wooden walls and flooring, along with recessed lighting
I Like this idea: A bit like Japanese sliding walls and doors. POtentially moveblee on a rail to chnage spaces based on what massages needed. zappon / soe house | hall ~ schmidt / hammer / lassen architects