sliding pocket door making

How is a sliding pocket door made?
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an open door leading to a room with a chair and bookshelf in it
Controtelai per porte a scomparsa e filomuro - ECLISSE
What is a pocket door frame? A frame designed to allow a door to slide inside a pocket located within the cavity of a wall.The sliding door disappears, when fully open, into the frame. Discover the ECLISSE pocket door frames.
an open door leading into a room with white walls and blue doors on either side
10 verità e bugie sulle porte scorrevoli a scomparsa - ECLISSE
Sliding pocket door system? What's behind? Behind every pocket door there is a perfectly designed frame. Eclisse designs and builds the structures behind the sliding doors, see all the models on website.
an open door leading to a dining room
What are pocket doors?An Eclisse sliding pocket door is a system of building a counter frame which is then integrated with stud wall construction.
several rolls of steel in a factory
Painstaking craftsmanship and manual work: ECLISSE door frames take form in the plant in Pieve di Soligo in a standard production process and through specific customised workmanship.
a man standing in the middle of an empty room
Installing ECLISSE Luce pocket door
a man standing on a ladder in a room with metal shelves and shelvings
La versatilità dei controtelai per le pareti in cartongesso
Eclisse Unico - stud wall version
two metal boxes stacked on top of each other
Cover Plate of Eclisse pocket door system #EclisseDoors
an open metal door on a white background
Eclisse System for solid wall #sliding #doors #solidwall
a man is working on the inside of a house
How do you install an Eclisse Unico sliding door system? In quanto tempo si assembla un controtelaio Eclisse per cartongesso? Eclisse Pocket Door -liukuovilla säästyy tilaa. Published by:@
several metal buttons are shown on the side of a wall in an office building's elevator
micro-ribbed filler plate is embossed that increase rigidity and strength | Eclisse sliding door system
a close up view of some wire mesh on the side of a building in black and white
Plaster mesh - It joins the counterframe with the wall, becoming an integral part of it, thus offering an increasing grasp of the plaster.
an assembly line with rolls of steel in the background
Galvanized steel coils - the structure of the Eclisse pocket door system is made of galvanized steel
an open metal door on the side of a white wall with multiple sections in it
the soul of your sliding door - L'anima della porta scorrevole
an empty hallway with multiple doors and shelves
A pocket door system fits inside your wall - Eclisse stud wall system
a room with a white couch and a mirror on the wall next to an open door
What are pocket doors? An Eclisse sliding pocket door is a system of building a counter frame which is then integrated with stud or solid wall construction. English website: Italian website: