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Mad propz to Jordan Wilson for this homerun of a project, directing art for S12 of Apex Legends along with Cinco Design 🎮

#visualsystem #designinspiration #ApexLegends #artdirection
Apex Legends S12 Art Direction by Jordan Wilson
Mad propz to Jordan Wilson for this homerun of a project, directing art for S12 of Apex Legends along with Cinco Design 🎮 #visualsystem #designinspiration #ApexLegends #artdirection
Nuff said. 🔥🔥🔥

#DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #PaulaScher
Design Gems: Paula Scher
Nuff said. 🔥🔥🔥 #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #PaulaScher
there are three responses to a piece of design yes, no, and wow
Design Gems: Milton Glaser
Can't beat this motto. Aim high, take that shot and kill it. You've got this. 🏀🔥 #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #MiltonGlaser
a quote from paul rad on the subject of an art project, design can be simple that's why it's so complicated
Design Gems: Paul Rand
And that's why we love it, tbh. Embrace the complexity and see where it takes you. It's always worth it. 🏀💖 #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #PaulRand
a yellow background with the quote in design there's not one right answer, there's a range
Design Gems Susan Kare
A gem from Apple's icon queen, Susan Kare: Design is all about exploration. Stay curious, keep an open mind, and trust your gut. ✍🏀 #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #SusanKare
a quote that says styles come and go good design is a language, not a style
Design Gems Massimo Vignelli
Vignelli believed in design as a tool for communication, a grammar that could be mastered to create impactful and memorable work. Do you agree with his thinking? #vignelli #massimovignelli #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking
a quote that reads, good design means as little design as possible - peter rams
Good Design Means as Little Design as Possible by Dieter Rams
Some wisdom from the OG of sleek design, Dieter Rams: Sometimes restraint speaks volumes. His "less, but better" mantra paved the way for today's stars like the iPhone, so remember, knowing when to strip away can lead you to great, timeless design. #DesignIcons #DesignInspiration #DesignThinking #DesignQuotes #DieterRams
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Sticker Mule Playoff + Giveaway
It’s #PLAYOFF time, designers 🎉 Sticker Mule just launched temporary tattoos and have invited everyone on Dribbble to try them out for FREE! 🏆 Create your own temporary tattoo design to win 5 FREE temporary tattoos + a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card! Participate now!
the logos for various brands are shown in different colors and shapes, including black, white, blue, green, red
The Best 9 by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)
It's time for the #BestNine🤘Head to our platform and share your best shots. We love seeing your recaps! ✨ Awesome 2023 recap by Alen Pavlovic #Dribbble #Dribbblers #Recap #Best9 #YearRecap #YearReview
Design Systems Workshop with Brad Frost
Level up your design systems skills with Brad Frost! 📈 This interactive workshop covers everything from atomic design to maintenance. Exclusive resources included. Perfect for UX/UI and product designers. Get 25% off with code DSBF25 Don't miss it!
a web page with an image of a man's head and eye on it
Jony Eye Figma Plugin by Halo Labs
Halo Labs has some of the best work on Dribbble and they've just stepped it up even more with this incredible Figma plugin. Jony Eye helps you to identify accidentally used fonts, find style-related errors and detect problems in the file. Go check it out for yourself!
four pictures of plastic bags floating in the ocean with fish and other things around them
Marine Metamorphosis by German Kopytkov
A fascinating blend of AI, Art, and Design, to make thought-provoking campaigns for environmental action, makes German Kopytkov one of our #TopDribbblers. Head to our link in bio to see his full profile. Whose work are you following? Who deserves a nod? Nominate your favorite Dribbbler in the comments!
a red app icon with a fire burning in it's center on a dark background
Radiant - iOS App Icon by Matthew Skiles
Radiant - iOS App Icon by Matthew Skiles #logo #branding #ios #apps #appicon #logodesign #campfire
many different colored squares are arranged in the shape of rectangles on a white surface
Glassy Layers by Solver 3D
Glassy Layers by Solver 3D #3D #C4D #graphicdesign