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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Reveals What He Looks For in a Girl: Confident, Attractive, & Honest!: Photo Justin Bieber looks so suave on the cover of Seventeen magazine's June/July 2015 issue, on newsstands May The entertainer talked about relationships,…

Disney's "Frozen" Inspired I'll Rise Like The Break Of Dawn Necklace, Disney Frozen, Let it Go Necklace, Frozen Necklace, Let it Go Jewelry on Etsy, $12.95

Disney's "Frozen" Inspired LET IT GO Necklace, I'll rise like the break of dawn, Frozen Necklace, Disney Frozen Jewelry, Snowflake Charm

So a lot of girls ask me if my eyelashes are fake, no they arent. But theres the trick to making them look fake. 1. Apply the first coat of mascara. 2. Get a Q-tip and put some baby power on it. 3. Apply it to your eyelashes (this separates them really good) 4. Apply as many coats of mascara and repeat as much as you want. And get fake looking lashes for the day.

The trick to making eyelashes look fake. Apply the first coat of mascara. Get a Q-tip, put some baby powder on it. Apply it to your eyelashes - this separates them really well. Apply as many coats of mascara & repeat applying baby powder.