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the silhouettes of moai at sunset in easter island, new zealand photo via flickon
Tongariki, Isola di Pasqua
a woman standing on top of a rock next to a lake
Strada dei sette laghi, Argentina
the water is very clear and blue in this area with many trees on both sides
Strada dei sette laghi, Argentina
two boats sitting in the water next to some grass and reedy land with birds perched on top of them
Pichilemu, Cile
a flock of flamingos flying over the ocean next to rocks and water with hills in the background
Laguna Blanca, Zapala
some rocks with paintings on them in the desert
Cueva de las Manos, Argentina
three people standing on top of a mountain holding an argentina flag
Cerro Catedral, Argentina
two dogs pulling a sled with people on it through the snow covered woods and trees
In slitta a San Martin, Argentina
a helicopter is flying over several trucks in the snow with mountains in the background and clouds in the sky
Ushuaia, Argentina
an old steam engine train traveling down the tracks
La Trochita, Argentina
the mountains are covered in snow and white wildflowers, near a body of water
Lago Villarrica, Cile
an unusual building with vines growing on it's sides and trees in the background
Baobab Hotel & Spa, Huilo Huilo
an old car with some lights on it's hood in front of a sunset
El Calafate, Argentina
several snowmen with hats and scarves standing in front of an igloose
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
several horses standing behind a wooden fence
Nei pressi di Huilo Huilo, Chile
a herd of sheep standing next to each other
Estancia Chali Aike, Argentina
several wooden barrels stacked on top of each other
Bodegas Salentein, Argentina
a wooden statue is standing in front of some trees and has moss growing on it's head
Baobab Hotel & Spa, Huilo Huilo
several kangaroos are running in the grass near some fenced in area with dry grass
Estancia Don Jose, Argentina
an aerial view of snow covered mountains and lakes in the distance with blue sky above
Veduta dal Cerro Catedral
an old hut with thatched roof surrounded by palm trees and tall green grass in the foreground
Lungo il Rio delle Amazzoni
the water is yellow and brown with steam coming from it's back end in the distance
I geyser del Tatio - San Pedro de Atacama
a wooden suspension bridge over a river surrounded by trees and grass, with a thatched hut in the background
Villaggio in Amazzonia
two men in native garb playing with sticks
Abitanti di un villaggio in Amazzonia
a woman sitting on the ground in front of a pot with food cooking over it
Villaggio in Amazzonia
two people on a boat in the middle of some green water with trees behind them
Villaggio di San Luis - Amazzonia
a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a herd of llamas
Verso San Pedro de Atacama
some very strange rocks in the middle of nowhere
La Valle della Luna - San Pedro de Atacama
seagulls flying over the water in front of houses
two birds flying over the ocean at sunset
the mountains are very tall and brown in color
La Valle della Luna - San Pedro de Atacama
L'"astronauta" - Nazca
L'"astronauta" - Nazca
an aerial view of the mountains and valleys
Valle del Elqui - Cile
three people in a boat on the water at sunset
Il Rio delle Amazzoni
two flamingos are standing in the water and one is bending down to eat something
Fenicotteri al Salar de Atacama
the silhouettes of moai at sunset in easter island, new zealand photo via flickon
Tongariki, Isola di Pasqua
the stone sculptures are lined up in rows
Tongariki, Isola di Pasqua
an aerial view of a crater in the middle of some mountains with blue water and green grass
Rano Kau, Isola di Pasqua
the sun is setting behind some palm trees by the water's edge with mountains in the distance
Bora Bora
a close up view of a stingfish's head in the water with sand around it
Laguna di Taha'a, Polinesia Francese