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Yes Percy, the undead monsters in Tartarus will be welcoming you with open arms with blue cookies. <<--what with a 9 days advanced heads up, they should have

Deadpool *-*

Funny pictures about Deadpool Test Footage. Oh, and cool pics about Deadpool Test Footage. Also, Deadpool Test Footage photos.

THIS. GIF. IS. THE. GIF. *-* Captain America vs Winter Soldier

The most amazing moment of the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" trailer Steve throws shield, Bucky catches in one hand

Totally agree with his opinion

i'm mexican therefore i logically like my country's food. but i don't know if i like Mexican food like Deadpool does, what about you ? Do you like Mexican food ?

Iron Man. This art is fantastic

Iron Man Let’s go behind the glamorous silver screen and take a look at the origins of Iron Man. Envisioned by Stan Lee, the Iron Man came into being only when Tony Stark’s life hung in the balance.