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The area dedicated to floors is one of the richest in terms of product variety in the search engine for interior finishes, Designbest. The area is composed of…
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a chair with two different colored seats on it's back and arms, one in the same color as the rest of the chair
Devil is in the detail
Top 10: Devil is in the detail | Mathilda chair, Patricia Urquiola, Moroso, 2013 |
four different colored frames sitting next to each other on top of a table with an open lid
Via Garibaldi 12 in Genoa, an interior design store which feels like a museum
STORES: Furniture and household accessories from via Garibaldi 12, the interior design store in central Genoa. Trays in calf leather with bronze frame. #designbest #stores
an empty kitchen with blue cabinets and wood flooring on the walls is pictured in this image
GD Arredamenti Catalogo
DESIGNBEST | BESTKITCHENS | GD ARREDAMENTI | Take a look at the GD Arredamenti catalog and find the ideal kitchen for your home
an outdoor table and chairs on a patio
10 pieces which blossom in sunshine
10 pieces which blossom with sunshine | Cortina, Gordon Guillaumier, Minotti, 2005 | @gguillaumier #designbest #spring #furniture #design |
an art piece made out of wood with wavy shapes on the wall and below it is a clock
Biscuit by Listone Giordano, an elegant innovation in timber flooring
Biscuit by Listone Giordano | Patterns, imperfections, shades change with light and time. Patricia Urquiola puts it all on the soul of the wood, but she adds a decisive contemporary touch that highlights even more the warm and natural effect of the parque
a rug with an image of a face on the front and back of it in different colors
Cartesio and Óm by CC-Tapis, carpets woven with stories and emotions
Home Design Culture Objects Cartesio and Óm by CC-Tapis, carpets woven with stories and emotions |
the bathroom is clean and ready for us to use
Designer radiators: streamlined heating
Antrax, radiator Serie T
a table with a lamp on top of it next to a brown and white object
Rainbow relax on the terrace: our favourite pieces
Lucerna by Ethimo, design Luca Nichetto.A portable and waterproof lantern to place on the floor, on a table or to hang on the wall: here is what’s necessary to turn on our terrace by night.
an unusual light fixture hanging from the ceiling in front of a white wall and floor
10 pieces on cloud nine
TOP TEN: 10 pieces on cloud nine | Lampada Fly-Fly, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Foscarini, 2009 | #DESIGNBEST
a coat rack and hat hanger in front of a wooden wall
Simple clothes hangers: our favourites
BEST CHOICE Simple clothes hangers: our favourites | Valet by Kann Design, design Hamid Bekradi.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of a room
Progetto: Villa ad Ibizia | Designbest
Progetti | Bredaquaranta | Chalet Alpin Roc
there are many potted plants in the window sill
Window Garden by Danese, the self-growing plant stand
Love at first sight: Window Garden by Danese, the self-growing plant stand | #instadesign #instabest #interiorhome #interior4all #interiordesign #interiordecor #interiortips #homefurniture #homedecor #homeidea #inspiremehome #designaddicted #designlov
a clock that is on the side of a wall next to rolls of toilet paper
Orologio Time Maze da Alessi | Designbest
L’orologio da parete Time Maze è prodotto in acciaio colorato con vernice epossidica rossa ed è dotato di meccanismo nel centro della geometria di linee, nel punto in cui si dipartono le due lancette nere. Le lancette, in alluminio tinto con resina epossi
two pictures of a room with green walls and red doors in the middle one has a small table, chair, and mirror on the other side
A tidy room: 10 smart furniture solutions
BEST CHOICEA tidy room: 10 smart furniture solutions Wally table, design R&S Clei, 2017.
a white bath tub sitting under a window next to a chair in a room with stone walls
Chaise Longue Landscape da B&B Italia | Designbest
Chaise longue Landscape design Jeffrey Bernett, 2001