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Best Free Astronaut Phone Wallpapers – Cool Backgrounds

2,060 Minutes: Gordo Cooper and the Last American Solo Flight in Space

Imagine being alone in space ... and almost not making it back.

Fifty years ago, first woman to fly in space wore world's first mission patch | collectSPACE

Valentina Tereshkova, who 50 years ago on June 16 launched aboard the Soviet Union's Vostok 6, set a record by becoming the first woman in space. But her gender wasn't the only way that Tereshkova contributed to the cultural history of space exploration — she also wore the first (hidden) mission patch.

The ascent stage of the Lunar Module returning from the Moon, Apollo 17, December 1972

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Space Suit Photos

US Spacesuits

306704 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Awesome Photos of NASA Equipment Tests

There's no hardware as cool as space hardware. And there's nothing cooler than watching astronauts and scientists testing out equipment to take us off-world — even equipment that was never used. Here are our favorite images of NASA testing its equipment on Earth.

5 Astronauts More Badass Than Any Action Movie Hero

Please excuse the brevity of this article. A true list of everyone who was awesome in space should be everyone who ever went to space.

Special Reports | Valued exposure: Apollo 9

A daily photograph from the archives

Grumman LM (Lunar Module)

Here are some more images of Dragon's 1/48 scale Grumman LM (Lunar Module) Eagle used in the Apollo 11 landing. From Wikipedia" The Apollo Lunar Module (LM), also known as the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), was the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft built for the US Apollo program by Grumman to carry a crew of two from lunar orbit to the surface and back. Six such craft successfully landed on the Moon between 1969–1972. The LM, consisting of an Ascent stage and Descent stage, was ferried…

Getting ready for a trip to the International Space Station

Getting ready for a trip to the International Space Station NASA astronaut Kate Rubins is wearing a training version of her Extravehicular Mobility Unit. She’s about to begin a spacewalk training...

Step Inside the Russian Spacesuit Factory

PopMech travels to Tomilino, Russia, to a factory that has been building Russian spacesuits for 60-plus years.

'I’m not sure what ‘the right stuff’ is but it’s not physical prowess,' says British astronaut Nicholas Patrick

The British astronaut on being a jack of all trades, never hide your mistakes - in space it can lead to catastrophe - and forget nationalism.