86 Pins
two people are standing in the middle of a room with large black balls hanging from the ceiling
Grand Palais Paris by Anish Kapoor Leviathan
people are sitting on the floor in front of an art installation that looks like fireworks
Suspended Bouncy Ball Installation by Nike Savvas — Colossal
"Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder" by Nike Savvas.
a sculpture made out of black and white beads on the ceiling in a large building
Swarm - light and dark
"The Swarm Chandelier", by Zaha Hadid. Made of Swarovski crystals. In the entrance hall of the V&A Museum, London.
a giant blue bear statue in front of a building
Public art installation called "I See What You Mean". It stands 40' tall Created by sculptor Lawrence Argent - - for the Colorado Convention Center.
multiple shots of people laying on the ground in front of a building with windows and balconies
leandro erlich (The Jealous Curator)
Dalston House by Leandro Erlich is an art installation in London with a mirror that creates the illusion of people climbing walls.
three different views of an art installation with white fur on the floor and in the background
curated contemporary art
Giant/fluffy pussy willows, and pink stalagmites? Nope. Bunches of acrylic rods, and stacks of buttons. Insane. This is the breathtaking work of Brooklyn based installation artist Tara Donovan. And it's pretty amazing
an artistic sculpture is hanging from the ceiling
The School. #1
paper installation by Paul Hayes.
an abstract painting with multiple colors and lines in the foreground, on top of each other
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of anne lindberg
A fantastic installation work by American artist Anne Lindberg. Thousands and thousands of strands of thread, anchored from one wall to another, that seem to glow from within. This work is part of a group show, titled Placemakers, currently on at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska
two people standing in front of a large red piece of art
Visual Arts
Abraham Cruzvillegas: The Autoconstrucción Suites Walker Art Center For bathroom
two women are standing in front of a mosaic wall and one is holding her hand up to the ceiling
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of soo sunny park
Installation of "unwoven light" 2013
an art installation with multiple boxes stacked on top of each other
Milan Design Week 2013: Energetic Energies for Panasonic / Akihisa Hirata
milan-design-week-2013-energetic-energies-for-panasonic-akihisa-hirata_panasonic_energetic_energies_photo by santi caleca
several different colors of paper hanging on a wall
Minimal Paper Installations by Nathalie Chikhi
Paper Installations by Nathalie Chikhi
several different pictures of people standing in front of a chandelier that is hanging from the ceiling
Cloud by Caitlind Brown
a large room with an intricate pattern on the floor and light coming from behind it
メルマガ登録 - ART iT(アートイット)
"Making Mends" installation by Motoi Yamamoto in the Bellevue Arts Museum, WA, USA.2012. Salt sculptured.
an abstract painting with white and black lines in the center, looking up into the sky
MIa Pearlman "INRUSH" utilizes the natural light entering through the window cut on the west side of the building to blur distinctions between interior and exterior space.