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What can you see? I refuse to wear a mask. There are markings… It's some form of selfish.

Me staring at a random spot in the room, trying to trick a ghost into thinking I can see it:

Doctor, here is the list of donor hearts, livers and kidneys, in alphabetical order. Wow, it is very… Organ-ized.

When you finally get Mcdonalds and the fries aren't salty

Nobody: 6yo me watching political debates on tv: I like your funny words magic man

Darth vader when someone makes a mistake

Animation 3D CGI Netflix Adaptation

Me: *makes a tiny mistake that literally nobody will remeber* My anxiety for the next 17 years: But why? Why would you do that?

Wii Oui We

Vine is better than TikTok CHANGE MY MIND

How to be a superhero 1. Have a super power 2. Be about to lose against a villain 3. Win against the villain anyway 4. Destroy an entire city while doing so Because that's what heroes do

My X-Box controller Please, have mercy Me who just lost my 60th game in a row There is no mercy *Yeet's across room*

When Shakespeare realised people liked Romeo and Juliet when he was trying to make fun of love stories Wow, this is garbage. You actually like this?

When you buy air but half of the bag is filled with chips

When you're in the shower and you realize that girl you talked to 6 years ago was trying to send you hints