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Tea Towel - John Rodriquez, Red Apples, post 1970

Dressing laDirce 2013

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a piece of cloth with red apples on the front and green leaves on the back
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Tea Towel - John Rodriquez, Red Apples, post 1970
several hearts with gold and silver paint on them, all arranged in the same pattern
an image of flowers and berries on a green background with red, yellow, and blue colors
a white background with different types of coffee cups and mugs on the same fabric
i heart this vintage fabric
vintage fabric
the wallpaper files 2013 / 10 / 01 - 04 am, page 1 by
Soft Water
Vintage fabric
two women sitting at a table with a cake on it and an older woman standing next to them
“Ogni cosa è illuminata”: Maria Milena Lombardi, dalla scatola dei ricordi all’iPad - laDirce
"Ogni cosa è illuminata": conversazione con Maria Milena Lombardi
a toy car is sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an old photo
L’Italia è bella un gran bel po’. Otto anni in cinemobile - laDirce
L'Italia è bella un gran bel po'. Otto anni in cinemobile con Mario Filanti
an old photo and a bundt cake on a wire rack
Dircemadeleines: 1, Il ciambellone della nonna Pina - laDirce
Dircemadeleines: 1, Il ciambellone della nonna Pina |
a white plate topped with cut in half cookies on top of a pink table cloth
Madeleines, chez Marcel - laDirce
Madeleines, chez Marcel |
an open jar filled with black olives on top of a wooden table next to a glass container
Le olive della nonna - laDirce
Le olive della nonna - la ricetta delle olive nere alla marchigiana
an article in the french language on how to use it
laDirce – un foglio di storie e memorie - laDirce
laDirce - Il Dircefoglio
a woman holding a cake with the words la dirre ce in french on it
laDirce - Un blog di storie e memorie