Giochi per bambini

an open book with pictures of animals and handprints on the pages next to it
there is a blue felt crown on the table
a hand is holding a crocheted chocolate egg in front of a gift bag
a close up of a button on a piece of cloth with flowers in the background
two white polar bears are standing next to each other in the snow and one is holding it's nose
Cosa contiene la tua busta regalo?
Un imballo creativo per creazioni speciali
three felt toys are sitting next to each other on a wooden surface, one has a fish and the other has a castle
a board game with legos on it
Here's a simple idea for using LEGO blocks to count. Students move around the board adding or subtracting blocks from their tower. At the end of the game, players count how many they have and the player with the most wins! (They can also compare towers by length.)
a lego man standing next to an apple
Miniature LEGO Adventures That I Create In My Spare Time (Part 2)
legos are displayed on the wall in front of a frame that is made out of legos
The Journey Begins...
The Journey Begins...
four different colored pieces of art made out of legos on the ground, each with an individual's own pattern
a toy house made out of legos with furniture and accessories on the top floor
Down the rabbit hole - The Brothers Brick
Curiouser and curiouser! Mais
a toy house made out of wood and various wooden toys on the floor next to it
Increase the play potential of your toys