Dolci di Pasqua: ricette semplici e golose

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two plates with cookies and an egg on them next to some tea cups, saucers and spoons
Scarcella integrale al miele
1h 5m
slices of bread on a plate with butter and spoons next to it, along with a pink napkin
Pizza dolce all’anice con lemon curd
1h 10m
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a cutting board
Colomba pasquale
1h 0m
a cake on a plate with powdered sugar and pink napkins next to it
Pastiera di farro all'arancia
1h 40m
a bundt cake with chocolate frosting and almonds
Ciambella con mandorle e cioccolato
1h 20m
small rolls with raisins on a plate next to an egg and cup of tea
Panini dolci di Pasqua all’uvetta