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a woman tying her shoes on the side walk near a lamp post and water in the background
Cloop Products
You won't believe the cool move my magnetic cable keeper pulls off – I clip my cables to my clothes! No more cable scares and total freedom to groove. It's like a cable wizard's secret weapon! 🪄🔌🕺
an assortment of different colored cords and plugs in the shape of people's heads
myPowerMate: the Travel Adapter for Every Socket Worldwide (Canceled)
myPowerMate: the Travel Adapter for Every Socket Worldwide by Andro Gruenberger — Kickstarter
a green tent sitting on top of a snow covered slope under a night sky with the words escape the hectic city life unplug
5 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Next Camping Trip
The best camping tech and innovation for your next trip. From smart multi-use stove to UV water purifier the good camping supplies for your next adventure
a wallet that charges your phone and charges it on the table with other items
Trending Products
Keep your phone or tablet charged while you’re on the go with this surprisingly thin leather wallet. Holds six cards and your cash, too.
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Want gifting glory? #cybermonday #gadget #giftideas #giftforhim #techhack #magnetic #cablekeeper #couponcode: cybercloop
the coup page for shopbob's $ 15 off your next clop order
Cloop - Don't travel without it! Get %15 your order. Visit
an iphone screenshot of a white and green cord with red, blue, and green wires attached to it
Music Branches Headphone Splitter
Beats Headphones from Dr. Dre - Beats Studio sounds quality, High performance sound. Cheap Beats, fashion style 2015
two different colored plastic handles on white and red
x3 Large Cloop (red, black, white or assorted)
x3 Large Cloop (red, black, white or assorted) $ 11.99
a pink and white object is connected to wires
Cloop Looks Forward to Solving Cable Entanglement With a Swift Locking and Release Mechanism
Cloop helps keep your cables untangled! It is an ideal cable management solution for earbuds, cell phone chargers and USB cables.
two white nintendo wii game controllers sitting next to each other
Meet Cloop: Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie
Media Gallery – CLOOP: Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie
a woman wearing a pink tank top and listening to music with headphones in her ears
CLOOP: Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie
Cloop not only keeps your cables untangled, it can also keep your headphones in place while working out.
two hands are holding something in each other's palm and touching it with their fingers
How It Works
an image of two different cords connected to each other with the word loop above them巨明网聚集天下好域名
Cloop for USB cables!!
two different views of the headphones and cords巨明网聚集天下好域名
Cloop is something that makes your cable untangled and organized.
three different types of tools are shown in this graphic style, including scissors and pliers巨明网聚集天下好域名
Cloop features a flexible silicon band, along with two high-grade Neodymium magnets in the terminal ends that provide a quick locking and release mechanism.
four different views of the same device on a white background, each with its own rotating mechanism
Account Suspended
eolic foldable wind power generator
a starbucks cup, cell phone and charger on a table
Refresh Your Phone With A Cup Of Starbucks Coffee – Cute Portable Charger
Refresh Your Phone With A Cup Of Starbucks Coffee – Cute Portable Charger
an ipod wristband with earphones attached to it
Wear your music on wrist with this portable music player
No more getting tangled in headphone cords! Want it!! Going to have to check this out
an ipod is lit up with neon blue lights and headphones attached to the cord
Gadgets blog – Cool gadgets,New high technology gadgets s Father s Day Gift Guide- Techy Dad – Cool gadgets,New high technology gadgets
i need these! if i cant sleep i'll listen to music and i'll always be just reaching around for my earbuds and i'll knock over a bunch of stuff! once i even fell out of bed >
a coffee table with a tablet on it in front of a white couch and mirror
The Ultra High-Tech Coffee Table Incorporating A Windows 8 Computer
Tech Gadgets SMF The Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer - Hammacher Schlemmer here you go @Zachary Richard Lucas Rhodes
a person's hand with a ring on it that has a lot of papers in it
Will Smart Contact Lenses Be the Bluetooth Headsets of the Future?
Scientists at the University of Washington have been working on the development of these contact lenses. They are no ordinary lenses. It's a thought about the new version of the bluetooth headset. They are based along the same line as the Assisted Living Contact Lenses created around 2006. -ZC
hands holding business cards and pointing at them
Plastc, the All-in-One Card That Could Replace Your Wallet
Could Plastc replace your wallet? It can hold more than 20 cards and also has upgradeable firmware.
an iphone plugged into a charger next to a power strip and usb cable
This Charger Will Make Sure Your Phone Never Dies Again
Powerslayer Blu will have different charging modes allowing you to quickly boost your device battery and more! Brit Co shares additional info here,
several different types of wristbands on top of a white laptop computer and hands above the keyboard
33 Clever Products That Came Out In 2014
Ritot — Projection Watch
a poster with different types of wrist watches on it's arm and instructions for each watch
Bloomberg - Business News, Stock Markets, Finance, Breaking & World News
The new Apple Watch is hot, but it won’t be available until next year, and then only for people who have iPhones—and $349. The rest of the field has its merits, too
two keys are attached to the same keychain and one has a colorful design on it
TrackR - Bluetooth Tracker for Finding Lost Missing Items
Keep the belongings you Love most protected with a TrackR bravo - find lost items with your smartphone.
a woman is washing her hands in the sink
Tapi by Dreamfarm
WANT. I HATE dirtying a glass when I will only have it for a ten second gulp.
a person with a tattoo on their arm is using an electric device to remove tattoos from the arm
I've always wanted a tatoo, but I'm such a wuss. Apparently you can have a new one everyday with this awesome gadget!
an advertisement for the new apple product is shown in three different pictures, including hands and fingers
Color Picker Pen
It's a high tech pen. Scan the color you want to use then the pen will draw with that color!!!