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How to Make a Candy Bar Card (Coach Gift Idea) - My Frugal Adventures

Alright so this is a silly little thing and has been around for years and years and years. We make these cards at least once a year for various coaches and it always amazes me how surprised people are to see these and receive these. I get asked all the time how we made...Read More »

Tale as Old as Time - Beauty and Beast (Disney) - music notes for newbies

The key piece from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tale as Old as Time” is deceptively low and quite tricky to play, so makes a great practice piece for intermediates. On the flute / piccolo / recorder, I found it most comfortable to play this shifted up +7 semitones, so the note range is D-^G …

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How Far I'll Go - Moana (Disney) - music notes for newbies

One of the lead songs from the recent Disney film Moana, “How Far I’ll Go” is a lovely, inspirational piece and great fun to practice 🙂 D .A D-.A D .A D D D E-.B I’ve been staring at the edge of the …

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens / The Lion King (Disney) - music notes for newbies

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t know this tune! A really fun, easy piece to learn that sounds much more impressive than the sum of it’s parts 🙂 I’ve written out the tune as per The Tokens version (the one i know best!) however if you’re playing the Disney version, you need to shift it …

Pay it backward.

2,510 points • 170 comments - Pay it backward. - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars - music notes for newbies

Bruno Mars’ 2010 debut single “Just the Way You Are” topped the charts around the world so it’s a song everyone will have encountered. The notes are simple, however the quicker pace of this song makes it’s a nice challenge for beginners to practice rhythm and timing 🙂 F ^C ^C-A ^C …

Never Enough - The Greatest Showman - music notes for newbies

More from the new film The Greatest Showman, this song “Never Enough” is a lovely, simple ballad which I’ve written as simply as possible to help out beginners! It goes quite low, so could be make a great practice piece for beginner pianists or guitar/ukulele, aiding note recognition. Woodwinds may need to shift the key …

music-notes-this-is-halloween-the-nightmare-before-christmas - music notes for newbies

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What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong - music notes for newbies

Another classic song which has been covered numerous times and included in countless films since it was release in 1967. Slow and mellow, great for a beginner to practice dropping in those low C’s and B flats – good luck! C E F A ^C I see trees of …