Che volto ha la felicità?
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the sun is setting behind some sailboats
“Il giorno in cui il vento è perfetto, basta spiegare le vele perché il mondo sia pieno di bellezza. Quel giorno è oggi” (Jalal al-din Rumi)
two toddlers playing with soap bubbles on the ground in an old black and white photo
Las Fotos Mas Alucinantes
a woman is walking on the beach with two dogs and a dog running behind her
Shooting Marina M
a little boy sitting on top of a swing with his feet hanging off the chains
an older man and woman dancing on a bed with the caption el amo veradero no se acaba james
Happiness decreases with age but peaks past 50 - and 85 is our happiest year
a woman is dancing in the rain with her arms spread out and an inspirational quote
Finding gratitude within personal trials - Family Today
we love rain
Smile happyness hug kid People, Children Photography, Childhood, Kids Photos, Poses
Smile happyness hug kid
two young children playing in the water with their mouths open and one child holding his head
black and white photograph of two hands holding open books in front of each other with trees in the background
Felicità è… condivisione! :)
a quote from oscar wilde about the mountains and clouds in the distance, with an image of
la felicità
four people jumping in the air on top of a hill with their arms spread out
Your clear for take off
a cat sitting on the ground with its mouth open