Quando si vive e lavora all’interno di un gruppo, affinché si creino condizioni di apertura, condivisione, armonia e rispetto reciproco, è importante insegnare…
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two dogs that are standing on their hind legs and touching each other's butts
The Best Friendship Ever | The 100 Most Important Dog Photos Of All Time NO FENCES CAN HOLD TWO FRIENDS APART.
a black and brown dog sleeping on top of someone's leg with its head on his paw
Life Expectancy in Dachshunds
Life Expectancy in Dachshunds Click the picture to read
there is a little boy that is giving him a hand
I gesti contano più delle parole...
the silhouette of a child swinging on a swing set in front of an orange sky
a person holding a baby in their hands with the caption'bon dia '
two baby babies laying next to each other on top of a white blanket with the words sleep well i've got your back
a person standing on top of a rock in the middle of a field with leaves flying around
Intraprendi ogni giorno delle azioni che siano allineate con il tuo scopo, gli obiettivi e i desideri. Sii consapevole e attento. Agisci a seconda delle idee inspirate. Fidati delle tue emozioni e delle tue intuizioni. Presta attenzione e rispondi ai feedback che esse ti inviano. Fai ogni giorno dei passi avanti verso i tuoi sogni.
a close up of a cat's face with it's eyes wide open
Here's looking at you Kid
a baby kissing a dog's nose with the words quetud del luna above it
a close up of a person's hand with a cloth on it
VIDAS - Assistenza completa e gratuita ai malati inguaribili
Il linguaggio delle emozioni
a woman with her face painted black and white, holding her hand to her face
Emozioni per due Zodiac Signs Meaning, Zodiac Sign Facts, Headache, Zodiac Signs, The Cure, Romance, How Are You Feeling, Medical, Nutrition
Geschenke & Erlebnisse - Geschenkideen | mydays
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a woman is standing in the rain with her hands on her hips and legs spread out
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