Tuscan flavors

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the table is set with wine and appetizers
Etruscan wine VINUM
some white leaves on a black background
Farmer's Market Hollywood | Justina Blakeney
dark flowers
a man in yellow shirt mixing batter into bowls
Art retreat & holiday home in Tuscany
preparazione della polenta alla sagra della ranocchia di Lierna, Poppi
several sausages are stacked up in a pile
Art retreat & holiday home in Tuscany
a salad with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and other toppings on it
Art retreat & holiday home in Tuscany
a person holding a mushroom in their hand with dirt on the ground and leaves around it
Boletus aestivalis: hunting for mushrooms in the Casentino Forest National Park
a yellow liquid is being poured into a metal container
Tuscan flavors
an olive nectar ready to dress our favorite dishes
a person's hand is covered in purple substance
Tuscan flavors
you'll be soon become spirit :)))
the front cover of an italian book
we do consider this book the most representative of our regional cuisine
a large piece of meat is being cooked over an open fire pit in the woods
LA PORCHETTA Toscana #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola
a person pouring olive oil onto a piece of bread on a plate with butter and sauce
Italian food - Bruschetta - Only fresh olives oil pressed two days before in Impruneta!
a yellow liquid pouring into a metal pan
Art retreat & holiday home in Tuscany
our own extra virgin olive oil
a shot glass sitting on top of a table with the word pome limoe in it
Art retreat & holiday home in Tuscany
"il Ponce a vela" not just a simple coffee: 1/3 of rum Vittori, 1/3 of Sambuca Sassolino, 1/3 of coffee and a "sail" (vela) of lemon skin