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an empty room with white shelves and wooden floors
Armadio entrata copri contatore
a man standing in front of a white book shelf with shelves on each side and doors to the other side
Mobile televisore con vetrine e libreria
an empty room with wooden shelves and white walls
Scrivania in rovere
Mobile con vetrinette e scrivania in rovere scuro. #libreria #studio #scrivania #rovere #artigianatoitaliano #madeinitaly #mobilemoderno #mobili #arredamento #livingroom #arredamentointerni #arredamentomoderno #arredamentosumisura #arredamentobergamo
Libreria divisoria con due porte scorrevoli
Mobile libreria interparete divisoria con inserito due porte scorrevoli, laccato dal 9010. #libreria #artigianatoitaliano #madeinitaly #mobili #arredamento #arredamentointerni #arredamentomoderno #arredamentosumisura #arredamentobergamo #portescorrevoli
an empty bookshelf with no one in it
Libreria in noce, su misura, con ripiani, ante, cassetti e vano tv.
an empty wooden bookcase with drawers and cupboards
Grande libreria biblioteca in listellare di rovere tinto noce chiaro.
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv on top of a wooden shelf
Parete attrezzata living in nobilitato di rovere con ante bianche laccate.
an unfinished bookcase in the process of being painted with white paint and wood trim
Libreria in listellare di rovere in lavorazione.
a bookshelf with several different types of books on it in a living room
Mobile living rovere laccato.
an empty room with white bookcases and black chairs in the corner, next to a computer desk
Libreria laccata bianca testurizzato.
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv sitting on top of a wooden book shelf
Libreria moderna in stile
a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a doorway in a house
Libreria moderna su misura
the shelves are empty and ready to be used
Libreria moderna
Libreria design in massello con ante in mdf a battente e scorrevoli.
an open closet with shelves and toy cars in it
Libreria laccata in più colori con anta scorrevole in vetro.