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an image of a bird with the number eight on it's face in black, red and white
Rooster Walk - Festival Posters by Selman Design
Rooster Walk – Festival Posters by Selman Design
a woman's face is shown with blue and white paint on the upper half of her face
LP ©️️️ Aiste Stancikaite
an advertisement for the italian brand ollivetti, with circles and numbers on it
garadinervi : repertori
Anna Monika Jost, Olivetti – an image of contemporary style and industry, 1966
an abstract painting with black and white lines, circles and red dots on a white background
Constructivisme Constructivisme Soie et radicalité
an abstract painting with blue, orange and black lines
Lajos D'Ebneth. Composition. 1926
two circles with the words dualism on them
La filosofia diventa grafica con Genis Carreras | MINIMAXIMALIST
Genis Carreras, Dualism, Philographics
two cones made out of red and yellow wafers on a blue background with space for text
Neon ice cream cones
a large white object sitting on top of a table
10 Things We Loved at the 2018 Collective Design Fair - Sight Unseen
Fred Eversley, Untitled, 1974. Collection of the artist. Photo by Joshua White.
a sculpture made out of old windows in a white room with a man standing next to it
Chiharu Shiota
Chiharu Shiota ~ A Japanese artist in Berlin. A mix up between art performance and huge installations made with old objects like beds, chairs, windows, shoes..
a man standing in front of a pink sculpture with branches on the wall and floor
sometimes-now: “Chiharu Shiota @reycanlasjr ”
many keys are connected to each other with red strings on the wall behind them in an art installation
chiharu shiota weaves an immersive labyrinth of keys and yarn attesa di trovare la mia chiave per il mio futuro.. #arte #biennaleVenezia #chiave
a small round table with metal legs
Jonathan Muecke Coiled Stool via volume gallery- stool, design, love
several different colored wooden objects stacked on top of each other in front of a white wall
Totems by Roberto Burle Marx for R and Company via joeinstakramm
a green vase sitting on top of a white table
Lynda Draper Artwork 2015
Lynda Draper Artwork 2014
a tall cement vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a gray wall
Jean Arp 1965
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Faculty // Oklahoma State University Department of Art
brandon reese
many clay sculptures are on the table and ready to be made into something else that looks like it's been built
Tom Lauerman, Lexicon (detail), 2005, ceramic, dimensions variable
Tom Lauerman
a white and black vase sitting on top of a table
Community Connections
Hans Coper pot
four different colored pens sticking out of the top of a gray tube on a grey background
Lancia trend visions - Private club
an empty room with two blue columns and one white column in the center, against a white wall
Herbert Hamak, Untitled, 2013
an abstract sculpture is displayed in front of a white wall and blue vases on the floor
Lancia trend visions - Private club
Catapults ready to download all of their energy, dynamics and color. Instead of painting on canvas flat, Julia Dault creates site-specific installations by folding sheets of Plexiglas or formica covered with unusual materials such as spandex, synthetic leather, vinyl or paint.
two wooden objects sitting on top of a cement floor
bring them everywhere - thespearhead: bumperfrance: Roni Horn, Pair...
Roni Horn, Pair Object Via (1990) solid forged copper
two blue tables sitting on top of a cement floor next to each other in front of a wall
Roni Horn - Well and Truly - minimalist glass sculpture installation imitating Icelandic ice
the water is very blue and has white circles on it, as well as an airplane wing
山田博之 |【東京イラストレーターズ・ソサエティ(TIS)】Tokyo Illustrators Society
山田博之 : 2015.09アメリカ橋ギャラリー個展
an empty room with a large black and white sculpture on the wall next to it
WANDA STOLLE o.T. 2013, Graphit, Leinöl, Kreidegrund auf Holz, 240 x 380
a blue object sitting on the ground in front of a concrete wall and cement floor
Inspiration 1807
Roni Horn
three black and white vases sitting next to each other on top of a table
Rough Ideas: October 2009 Archives
Hans Coper, ceramic
the wall hanging is made out of several different types of fabrics and fringes, including one
Hand woven by Mimi Jung of Brook & Lyn. Commissioned by Levi's. Woven with denim scraps from the Levi's SF tailor shop.