Liberal Logic

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Anti liberal logic. It makes no sense and there is never an actual point built from facts. If you are liberal and think that i dont know anything...i can give you literally a list of 100 things liberals have told the public that are not factual and blatent lies basically.

Megan Spradling
Sharpton is just a racist turd. He gives alot of ideas to BHO's right ear and the other ear is the racist turd Jesse Jackson. Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Politicians, We The People, Black People, Wake Up, Obama, It Hurts, Let It Be

So let me see if I got this right...libs think I'm just a racist white person if u don't include black people but a black person can exclude white people and no on cares. I've never heard a white person cry about not being included in a different races group or organization but all hell breaks lose if white people do not open the door for other races in their groups or organization #liberaldisorder

Cripples small business, wants to ban guns, regulate, regulate, regulate. Into law enforcement and education which should be run locally . Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Stupid People, We The People, Are You Serious, Conservative Politics, That Way

Obama Doesn't Care

OBAMA Doesn't Care about what made and makes America truly a great nation. 2009-2017

Read from the story Memes de Percy Jackson y Los héroes del Olimpo by (Lucy_Petrova) with 856 reads. Finding Neverland, Percy Jackson Memes, Percy Jackson Fandom, Harry Potter 2, Oncle Rick, Drama, Wattpad, Rick Riordan Books, Trials Of Apollo

Trump is hated by all basement dwelling mama boys that have no time to get a job cause they are protesting nonsense that makes no sense to anyone but millinials that speak liberal logic

The America we live in today and why it must be taken back to our founding principals. This statue is part of the deterioration of America and it makes my skin crawl. Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Stupid Liberals, Liberal Left, Caricatures, Confederate Statues, By Any Means Necessary, Political Quotes

Lib logic in a nutshell: people can worship Satan if they want but let's cry about a statue of actual histroy til they remove it and we can pretend slavery never happened...makes sense except civil war didn't begin over slavery so once again lib logic is founded on ignorance

Libtards and their propaganda machine aka mainstream media. Liberal Hypocrisy, Liberal Logic, Political Memes, Political Cartoons, Media Bias, Mainstream Media, Conservative Politics, Trump, News Media

Can anyone explain this to me? Liberal media wouldn't shut up about the trump thing but cause it's one of their own they just pretend it doesn't exist.