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7 Soothing Yin Yoga Wall Poses To Melt Away Anxiety

Let your stress and anxiety to melt away with these yin yoga poses that use a wall as a relaxing prop. Grab a yoga block or pillow and get ready to relax!

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Use These 7 Pressure Points to Relieve Your Next Headache

Don't reach for those Bayers until you've tried all 7 pressure points.

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Acupuncture Promotes Surgical Revival

The researchers investigated the effects of two acupuncture points: DU26, KI1.

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ACUPRESSURE POINTS For HORMONAL IMBALANCE/SUJOK THERAPY For Hormonal Imbalance/Acupressure For Hormonal Imbalancehere you will know very effective sujok acup...

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Weight Loss Kit: User Guide & Acupuncture Ear Seeds 600pcs

Buy Weight Loss Kit: User Guide & Acupuncture Ear Seeds 600pcs on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders

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7 Pressure Points for Acid Reflux - Acupressure Treatment for GERD

Acid Reflux is a severe stomach problem that is a major symptom of GERD. Here is how to get rid of the symptoms with 7 easy pressure points for acid reflux.

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3 Points to Balance Your Energy this Fall | Starting Point Acupuncture & Wellness

It is best to always have your energy aligned and balanced. Acupressure is a great way to stay healthy and to balance energy, check out these points!

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Brisbane Naturopath | Nutritionist

Marianne is a highly qualified Brisbane Naturopath & Nutritionist with a particular interest in Gut Health, Autoimmunity, & Women's Hormonal Health.

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Lose weight fast by Sujok Acupressure Therapy Part - 1

This is one of the best method to lose weight fast and keep fit and healthy. Sujok Acupressure can help to lose weight very fast by pressing some points on h...

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9 Effective Acupressure Points For Hair Growth | Styles At Life

Acupressure and acupuncture, an ancient techniques that can helps reduce scalp baldness, and improve hair growth. Say no to hair loss!

Acupressure points to cure Menstrual or Periods Problems

#LadiesCurePoint #menstrualProblemsIts a common solution for all menstrual problems or menstrual disorders.Contact us 9063224708 for any query