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Brand identity, fotografia, packaging design, comunicazione offline e online, social media marketing
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several business cards are arranged on top of each other, with different colors and shapes
Gift card gelateria
two different menus with food and drink on them, one is chocolate cake the other has strawberries
Social media marketing gelateria
an image of two pictures with food and people in the background, one is holding a spoon
Social media marketing gelateria
two different cakes and pastries are on display
Social media marketing gelateria
four different colored cups sitting next to each other on a white surface with the words zendera written in it
Personalizzazione coppette gelato
a menu with different types of desserts and drinks on it's front page
Menu gelatiera
a menu with different foods on it
Menu gelateria
many business cards are arranged on top of each other with different colors and shapes in them
Personalizazzione gelateria
an image of different types of chocolates in the shape of a pyramid on a white background
Personalizzazione gelateria
the logo for a wedding venue in san francisco, california on a light pink background
Logo gelateria