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Russian tea ad for Meiji Kocha . "The tea for a rocket to the Moon!" and artwork of woman in space helmet holding cup of tea, Cyrillic lettering, USSR/Soviet Union/Russia

500 striking Indian matchbox labels gathered by Shahid Datawala over the course of several decades

vintage Indian matchbook labels Ha hA, THESE PICS JUST TOOK me back to my childhood days, i have even brought one of these, when my mom asked me to go to shop to get a matchbox ♥ thanks for whoever pinned this

Night Birds » 中川ゆき 黒田ゆかり - 東京スカ娘/スカで踊ろう [1964]

Night Birds » 中川ゆき 黒田ゆかり - 東京スカ娘/スカで踊ろう [1964]

Music by the Four Fingers  NVRC Records (China)

the wigged-out chartbusting EP by the inimitable Four Fingers! Estranged member Tom Thumb could not be reached for comment.

Absurd cover

Roy Wood released this solo album under a pseudonym to see if he could shift a few albums without having to tread on "Blackberry Way".