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beauvelvet: “ “Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses by James Joyce. Photographed in 1955 by Eve Arnold. ” She kept ‘Ulysses’ in her car and had been reading it for a long time. She said she loved the sound of it and would read it aloud to herself to try to.

How mobile devices....

Are mobile devices destroying your body? This infographic illustrates the effects that using a wireless or mobile device has on our health whether it be effects on posture, eyesight, hearing, sleeping or even just being distracted.


Voltaic Solar Backpack: If you are a heavy user of cell and always looking out to keep your gadget at its peak usage level, then this is something which is sure going to impress you.

Mediterranean monk seal

Hawaiian monk seal - critically endangered, but is now within the protected marine sanctuary with hopes for rebound!

Hawaiian Monk Seal

There are fewer than Hawaiian monk seals left--making them the most endangered marine mammal in the world. Urge Senate leaders to fund programs that will help save the Hawaiian monk seal from extinction!

PreTarget The Rebirth of Display Advertising

Rebirth of Display Advertising - Evolution of the real time bidding advertising ecosystem - developed by Pretarget, published by Adotas