Slab Serif Typeface

Collection by Arita Pace


Bolder, heavier font. A typeface with thick, heavy serifs that are straight across the edge with small or no brackets. Serif is often the same thickness as the main stroke. Letterforms have vertical stress. X-height tends to be medium to tall.

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Memphis font in "Converse" and "All Star". No brackets, serifs the same thickness as main strokes, vertical stress.

I laughed quite a bit when I saw this example for Rockwell. The figures formed in the background by the letterforms is an awesome device to echo the font's implied strength. A real sense of the font's personality and use comes through. Slab Serif, Serif Typeface, Communication Design, Hand Lettering, Fonts, Typography, Type Face, Poster, Mood Boards

Rockwell typeface. Thick and heavy font, thick serifs. No brackets.

Bandera Pro Font: This square serif typeface is a real workhorse. It is a modern tool for text design: extremely legible, pan-european multilingual (Lat. Modern Tools, Slab Serif, Serif Typeface, Text Design, Fonts, Typography, Weights, Desktop, Designer Fonts

Playbill font used. Thick and heavy strokes and serifs, no brackets