We simply love Italy...
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the large cathedral is lit up at night
Majestic Siena
looking up at two tall buildings in the sky
Florence with a blue view....
a long table is set with plates and napkins in a glass house like setting
An intimate wedding lunch in old Italian villa. Love our country... Anna e Alex
an old stone wall with bushes and trees in front of it, next to a clock tower
Every corner in #italy is full of surprises! Live Italy!
the table is set with place settings for four
A Spring lunch on a Friday afternoon at Anna e Alex #italianstyle #tradition
the sun is setting behind some clouds in the sky
The sky in the Tuscia #countryside #Italy
the water is crystal clear and blue
The beauty of #sardegna... #italy
a cactus and some pink flowers by the ocean
The beauty of our South...Calabria...
a basket full of strawberries sitting on the ground
Red for wild strawberries hand picked Parco Nazionale di Abruzzo
the water is crystal clear and blue
Sardegna waters....
a large white church with a clock on it's face and two doorways
Basilica against a blue blue sky... The old town of Bari.
the white flowers are blooming on the bush next to the path in the garden
Hawthorne...flower of fortune...Flowers in Italy...
an old rusty chair sitting in the middle of a street with graffiti on it's back
A as in Anna e Alex! Enrico Benetta's artistic creations in Montebelluna! We love them!
a close up view of a pizza with cheese and vegetables on the top, as well as toppings
Favorite pizza...zucchini flowers and anciovi. Not only for the palette, but also for the eyes.
an assortment of fruits and vegetables on display at a market stall, including onions, pears, oranges, and other fruit
A morning at the market in Faenza...