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an anime character with blue hair wearing a red cloak and looking at the camera in front of snow covered trees
violet — hanyō no yashahime icons
an anime character is holding up a book
Hanyo no Yashahime
Hanyo no Yashahime
Cuidarte el alma PARTE UNO!!! (sesshomaru y tu)
Cuidarte el alma PARTE DOS!!! ( sesshomaru y tu) - Cap 10 - Página 2 - Wattpad
two anime characters standing on top of a mountain
La Luz Esta A Todo Lado: Photo
La Luz Esta A Todo Lado — sinuyasha: Rumiko Week Day 1: Favorite Female...
It's All About InuYasha
It's All About InuYasha
an anime character with white hair wearing a blue shirt and red bow tie, staring at the camera
Hanyo no Yashahime
『Little ★ Date』
two women dressed in red and white standing next to each other with trees in the background
INUYASHA on Instagram: “No soy fan de esta pareja, pero este momento me gusta mucho. 💖”
刀を引き抜く犬夜叉のGIF画像 created by august@non
Favorite Animated Pets
Animated Favorites — Favorite Animated Pets
an anime character with black hair and blue eyes looks at the camera while wearing a green scarf
big, big world but you got it, baby