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Homemade Flea Spray with Vinegar and Baking Soda - beautymunsta - free natural beauty hacks and more!

Make this homemade flea spray with vinegar and baking soda to kill fleas on your pets and in the house! Are your dogs infested with fleas? That sucks because these pesky critters can be a pain to get rid of! It’s like you have to constantly use an insecticide on your pets or around the …

DIY Flea Powder for Your Home - Get Rid of Fleas w/o Using Chemicals & Pesticides - Baking Soda & Salt! - DustinNikki Mommy of Three

After our first furry family member passed away almost 2 years ago, a few months later our house was infested with fleas. I couldn’t understand why because even when we had our dog, we never had a flea problem. I did find out that fleas can lie dormant for a while. We tried every flea product we could think of…Continue Reading→

How to Cut Dog Nails That Are Too Long and Get the Correct Dog Nail Length - PatchPuppy.com

If you need to trim extremely overgrown dog nails and don't know where to start, this step by step guide on how to cut dog nails that are too long will help

DIY Pillow Pet Beds Your Furbabies Will Love | The WHOot

Find Pillow Pet Beds and more for your furbaby. We've included a doggy sweater and a denim jeans pet lap plus the best diy pillow pet beds.

Kill Fleas Fast

Our pets are like members of the family and we want to protect them. But, it is inevitable that our dog and cats will attract those pesky fleas. Flea collars, sprays, ointments, and pills aren't 100% effective all the time either, so what can we do?

Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Many commercial flea treatments are made of harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals. There are some natural alternatives. This is a guide about natural flea treatment for dogs.

DIY No-Sew Dog Bed For Under $10

Treat your dog right! IAMS Dog Food contributes to healthy energy levels so make your furry friend this easy DIY No-Sew Dog Bed for under $10!


FREE Online Dog Training Class w/Zak George

Enroll now in 30 Day Perfect Pup with Zak George. 100% free dog training for dogs of all ages and breeds. Daily tips, videos, and more! Sign up now!

My 3 Favorite Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs

Fighting fleas is a frustrating battle that every pet owner will need to face at some point. Unfortunately, dogs are ideal hosts for these little parasites. Even with preventative measures, your pooch could still become infested with fleas. If you're looking for home remedies for fleas on dogs, look no further!

Vinegar ~ Disease Prevention, Healthcare & Household Cleaning Uses for Apple Cider & Other Vinegars

Best Websites for Planning a Dog Friendly Vacation

Here are some of the best resources for locating locate dog friendly hotels, dog friendly campgrounds, dog friendly restaurants; and dog friendly trails.

Pet Preparedness Essentials You Need to Be Ready Now

Pet preparedness essentials every dog owner should have on hand to be ready for emergencies.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas From Cats with a Natural Home Remedy | Cuteness

When it comes to getting rid of cat fleas naturally, a holistic approach is needed. That means attacking fleas not just by putting a remedy on the cat but treating your carpets and furnishings. You need to break the entire flea life cycle, not just kill existing pests. Vacuum frequently.