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A Panzer IV and infantry of the Panzer Army reach the Stalingrad-Morozosvk r. by In Photos German Soldiers Ww2, German Army, Luftwaffe, World History, World War Ii, Ww2 History, Panzer Iv, Battle Of Stalingrad, Germany Ww2

Panzergräben stellten Hindernisse für feindliche Panzerkampfwagen dar. Sie boten allerdings der gegnerischen Infanterie oft gute Deckungsmöglichkeiten.

ostfeldzug: “ A member of the Kriegsmarine Naval Infantry Division mans an in a defensive position near the town of Zehden (now Cedynia, Poland). Ww2 Pictures, Ww2 Photos, Military Pictures, Military Weapons, Military Art, Military History, German Soldiers Ww2, German Army, Mg34

MG 42 in schweres mashinengewehr (sMG or heavy MG) role & three panzerfausten M60 in trench or firepit

World War I Italian propaganda poster. Wilhelm Ii, Kaiser Wilhelm, Vintage Ads, Vintage Posters, Ww1 Propaganda Posters, Italian Posters, Art Deco Movement, Roman History, War Photography

Storia, Civiltà Cattolica: la Prima Guerra Mondiale formò la nazione Italiana

Il saggio di padre Sale sulla Prima Guerra Mondiale ripercorre l'entrata in guerra contro l'Austria nel 1915 dell'Italia dopo 10 mesi di neutralità.

The Carro Armato was the main Italian medium tank for the duration of the North African campaign, until the arrival of the very similar Patton Tank, North African Campaign, Tank Armor, Italian Army, Afrika Korps, Tank Destroyer, Ww2 Tanks, Tank Design, Armored Vehicles

Italian Forces - Sandbagged.

Italian Carro Armato CM13/40 medium tanks in action in North Africa. The extraordinary number of sandbags attached to the vehicles represents what is probably a realistic appraisal of the inadequacies of this tank's armour against British tank guns. And this was Italy's best true tank ... However brave Italian soldiers may have been, the poor quality of much of their equipment, from rifles up, gave them little chance of victory in a war in which machinery mattered. Best regards, JR.