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the wedding stationery is laid out on top of each other, including an envelope and flowers
Wedding Stationery
modern and minimalistic wedding invitation, shades of white and grey wedding, white flower and lunaria, calligraphy Concept & Design: @tigerlilyweddings Flowers: @flower_addicted_angelica Flower supply: @boraginefiori Stationery Suite Flat Lay & Dinning Table @truffypi Linens napkins ribbon runners: @allegoria_textile_delights Silk floral @lancasterandcornish Made for @adovasioworkshop
two wedding rings sitting on top of a piece of paper
Mr and Mrs place cards
something blue, calligraphy, wedding stationery, place cards, wedding rings Ring: @taya.gioielli Ringbox: @voeu_du_coeur Stationery: @grigiocielostudio
the contents of a wedding dress laid out on a pink surface
wedding stationery, vows, place cards, boudoire Concept & Design: @tigerlilyweddings Stationery: @lauraelizabethpatrick Lingerie @mariannalanzilli Made for: @adovasioworkshop
an open ring box sitting on top of a table next to a piece of paper
Blue calligraphy
something blue, calligraphy, wedding stationery, place cards, bride diary, love letter Ring: @taya.gioielli Ringbox: @voeu_du_coeur Stationery: @grigiocielostudio
the wedding rings are laying next to each other on white cloths and satin material
Wedding stationery
stationery, wedding invitation, vintage stamps, calligraphy Ring: @taya.gioielli Stationery: @grigiocielostudio Ringbox: @the_mrs_box