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Our glass-masters demonstrate their creative skills when applying the tiny hand cut glass pieces to arrange prestigious objects suitable for any kind of space.
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CORALLO | floor sculptures Decorative Sculpture, Backlighting, Creative Skills, Indoor Decor, Cut Glass, Sculptures, Flooring, Structures, Wood Flooring
Corallo - great sculpture - veveglass
CORALLO | floor sculptures
FLAME | floor sculptures Interior Floor, Room Interior, Home Interior Design, House Interior, Luxury Hotels Lobby, Hotel Lobby, Granite Flooring, Stone Flooring, Terrazzo Flooring
Flame - colorful great sculpture - veveglass
FLAME | floor sculptures
GIUNONE | table sculptures Tiny Hand, Lamp Holder, Leaf Shapes, Metallic Paint, Glass Design, Glass Table, Murano Glass
Giunone - veveglass
GIUNONE | table sculptures
MANHATTAN | floor sculptures Modern Skyscrapers, Nyc Skyline, Manhattan, Arrangement
Manhattan - stunning Murano glass sculptures - veveglass
MANHATTAN | floor sculptures
JURASSICO | table sculptures Glass Centerpieces, Amethyst Glass, Silver Leaf, Sydney Opera House, Building, Landmarks
Jurassico - veveglass
JURASSICO | table sculptures
CAMPIELO | table sculptures Red Glass, Venetian, Focal Point, Overlays
Campielo - veveglass
CAMPIELO | table sculptures
DODEZONA | table sculptures Aventurine, Two By Two
Dodezona - veveglass
DODEZONA | table sculptures
DUNE | table sculptures The Dunes, Black Glass, Decorative Bowls, Jewelry, Table
Dune - veveglass
DUNE | table sculptures