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optical illusions M.C. Escher.... Victor V perspective.

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Vasarely Op Art

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pattern for Op Art cube

Shapes worksheets and downloads - LessonSense.com

colour and cut (Download at TpT!) the object of the worksheet is to recognize the size of the shape and colour it. Big shapes will be coloured blue, middle sized shapes are coloured yellow and small sized shapes red. After colouring all the shapes, the children cut out all of them and place them in […]

Optical illusion cube how to and lots more Op art projects! There's even one for Valentines!

Op art cube

Made by students of 12 years old You need: white drawing sheet 21 by 29 cm pencil ruler markers glue Give students a copied print of a cu...

Amazing 3D Draw~



Materials needed: Paper Pencil Marker

Art I: Op Art Drawings

The Art I students designed birthday cards for their favorite artists!

Amazing 3D Draw~

إصنع بنفسك ديكور وهم بصرى ثرى دى بطريقه مبسطه 3d optical illusion design in 5 minutes

طريقة عمل ديكور وهم بصر رائع و جذاب باستخدام الون راقية يصلح لغرف الجلوس، باستخدام اجوات بسيطة و غير مكلفة، create a wonderful 3d optical illusion wall desig...

OPTICAL ILLUSION - Art Work (by Kozhin ..)

Barhamy xomanaya :D April 2, 2017

تعليم ديكور الخدع البصريه (بطريقه بسيطه)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته لو فعلا عايز تتعلم هذا النوع من الديكور يبقى لازم تشوف الفيديو لاخره هدفي اني اساعد الناس زي ما ربنا بيجعل ناس تساعدني لينك ف...

Wireframe figures [501-510]

Library of impossible figures.

Illusions - Almost Real

Optical Illusions, this page contains objects that look as though they might exist, yet when examined couldn't possibly.

Geoscapes Coloring Book | Additional photo (inside page)

Error-404 - Rainbow Resource

This riot of geometric images offers a kaleidoscope of coloring possibilities! Fractals generate a host of pyramids. Spirals form the rays of a sun. Myriad shapes

Escher, impossible, object, penrose, shape, solid, triangle icon

Buy this icon for $2.50 on Iconfinder.com - Styles: Outline - Categories: Abstract

The New Street Installations, Gallery Interventions of Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani’s street installations and gallery works give the illusion of three dimensions and a more malleable reality, allowing passers-by to inspect and engage with his new perspectives. The…

Aakash Nihalani "ISLANDS" @ Signal

Aakash Nihalani "ISLANDS" @ Signal: Walking around Brooklyn (or the rough streets of Long Island), one might notice one of New