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Moffat jokes. Knock Knock Knock Knock. Who's there? Death for the Tenth Doctor. Death for the Tenth Doctor who? *cries*

The consulting criminal shoots himself in the head, causing the army doctor to watch the consulting detective jump off a building. The detective somehow lives but doesn't tell anyone for another three years.

This makes me sad

This makes me sad


Potterlock AU: John was wounded as an Auror, not in Afghanistan. He gets away with a bit of magic in the flat, because Sherlock doesn’t pay much attention to domestic things. "He has yet to wonder how the tea makes itself each morning"


"We're laughing but we're also dead inside." The most true statement ever. Everyone i meet is always like "only three episodes a season?" And i'm like "Yes, each 90 mins long and heart wrenching at the end of a season.

➙ #DeathlyHallowsPart2 | 2011 —

➙ #DeathlyHallowsPart2 | 2011 —

The Other Holmes... PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!

Tom Hiddleson as the third Holmes brother! 😨😳😨😳 Just having a third brother is one thing, him being Tom Hiddleson is another!

John Watson - Martin Freeman Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch

We can't giggle; it's a crime scene. Uhm, this is us during movies--only we do giggle! Actually, we buy the movie and fast forward to places we aren't supposed to laugh at