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20 Great Short Story Ideas for Writers
TheMindMyth // Writing Tips & Prompts
TheMindMyth // Writing Tips & Prompts
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Ultimate Psychic Guide - Introduction to Psychics, Psychic Abilities, and Readings - Wishbonix
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Some ways to introduce characters-iy By saving them By meeting them through a mistake/ drunken incident Through an event/ special occasion eg. Funeral, wedding, birthday etc Being introduced to them through other friends By doing a good deed, thus causing the favour to be returned By getting placed in a group together By picking on them/ assaulting them out of rage By getting sent to them on a quest of sorts Through average day to day activities - iFunny
H. A. Watts | The Magical Thinker
H. A. Watts | The Magical Thinker
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Hilariously Brutal Letters Of Disappointment From Girls To Their Exes – DEFUSED
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NPC Personality Generator - Weakness - 01 Blunt - speaks in short, honest answers 02 Fearful - seems paranoid and afraid 03 Talkative - Talks too much, overshares 04 Jealous - Jealous of the players 05 Depressed - Sad, speaks softly 06 Angry - shouts, dislikes players 07 Quiet - Speaks softly, and only when spoken to 08 Impatient - rushes players 09 Suspicious - doesn't trust others 10 Manic - overly joyful, nearly crazed - Strength - 01 Honest - Always tells the truth 02 Brave - Doesn't back down, even if threatened 03 Good Humored - can take jokes at their expense 04 Friendly - befriends all, happy to see others 05 Helpful - Will assist players, in any way possible 06 Smart - Can assist players with Knowledge checks 07 Generous - gives large rewards 08 Charitable - Gives what they can to less fortunate 09 Pious - Uses religion to better theirself 10 Defender - will fight to defend others - Fear - 01 Dark Secret revealed 02 Losing loved ones 03 Being alone 04 Rejection 05 Death 06 Losing material wealth 07 Failing 08 Change - Desire - 01 Political Power 02 Physical Power 03 Wealth 04 Health 05 Love 06 Friendship 07 See the world 08 Revenge - iFunny
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