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This board is for all those who like everything homemade:-) Bon appetit!

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Classic Italian pizza dough

Our family has one delicious tradition - every Saturday night we all bake homemade pizza :-) I knead the dough, my husband rolls it out and our child puts the stuffing. Of course you can buy a ready-baked pizza almost everywhere (especially here in Italy), but believe me, a homemade one tastes completely different. And it's so easy to make! We have tried many recipes for pizza dough and finally we have chosen our favorite one (it was given to us by a pizza chef Pino - a childhood friend of…

Smoked salmon and zucchini quiche Homemade Cosmetics, Quiche, Smoked Salmon, Bon Appetit, Zucchini, Cooking Recipes, Breakfast, Catholic, Notes

Smoked salmon and zucchini quiche

When it's sunny outside food should be bright too! This smoked salmon and zucchini quiche is just the right thing :-) Delicate zucchini and flavorful smoked salmon make it irresistable and perfect for any occasion: a holiday party, buffet table or a usual everyday lunch or dinner. I use ready-made shortcrust pastry for this pie, so it's super quick and easy to make. Enjoy it! To make snoked salmon and zucchini pie you need: 250g (9oz) ready-made salty shortcrust pastry 300g (10oz) zucchini…

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Stuffed Italian double pizza recipe

Do you like pizza? Just imagine its soft dough, delicious tomato sauce and chewy cheese ... nobody can resist it! This stuffed pizza is a must-try for all pizza lovers. Trust me, it's a real double pleasure :-) To make stuffed pizza you need: (For the dough): 500g (18oz) flour 300g (11oz) warm water 1tsp dried yeast 1tsp sugar 3tsp salt 1tbsp oil (For the filling): 4 slices of processed cheese sliced ham (5-6 big slices) tomato sauce mozarella oil salt, black pepper Combine warm water…

Tasty Tomato Salad And Green Beans In Lemon Sauce Tomato Salad, Pasta Salad, Cobb Salad, Italian Green Beans, Green Bean Salads, Lemon Sauce, Vegetable Drinks, Bon Appetit, Cooking Recipes

Italian green beans salad (Insalata di fagiolini)

This is a recipe of my husbund. Robert doesn't cook very often, but if he does he won't leave kitchen without a culinary masterpiece! Yesterday he made this delicious green beans and tuna salad. It's my family's favorite - simple, healthy, incredibly tasty, original and really beautiful :-) To make Italian green beans and tuna salad you need: 500g (18oz) green beans (fresh or frozen), boil them in some salty water until ready 160g (6oz) canned sweet corn 2 fresh tomatoes 3 boiled eggs 100g…

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Italian style fruit salad (Macedonia di frutta)

This is definitely my family's favorite fruit dessert. It's so fresh, colorful, healthy and super delicious! And then, this recipe has a secret ingredient that will keep your fruit fresh for many hours :-) Yummy and very easy to make, just the perfect food for the hot days that are coming. To make Italian fruit salad you need: 2 bananas 250g (8oz) strawberries 2 kiwi fruit 1 orange juice sugar Cut the kiwi fruit in medium pieces Do the same with the strawberries And bananas Combine all fruit…

Potato zrazy is a popular Ukrainian dish. They are made with potato puree and can be filled with minced meat, mushrooms or mashed peas. Potato Cutlets, Potato Puree, Homemade Cosmetics, Bon Appetit, Stuffed Mushrooms, Potatoes, Cooking Recipes, Bread, Dishes

Potato cutlets with peas filling (Ukrainian potato zrazy)

Potato zrazy is a popular Ukrainian dish. They are made with potato puree and can be filled with minced meat, mushrooms or mashed peas. When I was a child my mum and granny used to cook them very often and now I make them for my family (my Italian husband just adores this dish), zrazy are very quick and easy to make, you'll need only few simple and cheap ingredients and the result will surprise you:-) Zrazy are traditionally served with some sour cream or tomato sauce. Here is the recipe of…

Rice and salami soup with cheese triangles Cheese Triangles, Homemade Cosmetics, Bon Appetit, Soup, Rice, Cooking Recipes, Fruit, Ethnic Recipes, Notes

Rice and salami soup with cheese triangles

In Ukraine we usually eat soups as a first course. We've got so many soup recipes that I can't even count them all! Since I moved to Italy I've got used to pasta and risotto but anyway soups are always in my heart (and stomach eh eh), and I cook them rather often for my Italian husband too. Here is one of our favorite recipes - a creamy rice and salami soup with cheese triangles :-) To make this soup you need: (For 4 portions): 3 medium potatoes 1 big carrot 100g rice 1 onion 4 cheese…

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Walnut bread recipe

My family adores homemade bread. That's why I am always looking for new recipes. Some days ago our friends invited us for dinner and treated us with a very original homemade walnut bread. It was so delicious! I took the recipe and baked the bread at home. Here it is for all homemade bread lovers :-) To make a walnut bread you need: 500g (18oz) self-raising flour 250g (9oz) warm water 15g (1/2oz) fresh yeast 100g (4oz) minced nuts 1tsp salt 1tbsp sugar 2tbsp oil Mix the yeast and warm water…

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Homemade chocolate ice cream

Oh summer, hot summer :-) Just the perfect time for ice cream! I always make it at home and believe me, it has nothing to do with a store-bought one. My son and husband adore chocolate ice cream. To make them happy I prepared it yesterday. Yummy.... and all natural! You need: - 250ml (1cup) milk - 200ml (3/4cup) fresh cream - 20g (1tbsp) cacao - 80g (3oz) sugar (I use brown sugar) Put all the ingredients together into a bowl and mix them using a blender If you are a lucky ice cream maker…

Banana and coconut cake recipe Homemade Cosmetics, Bon Appetit, Cornbread, Cake Recipes, Coconut, Cooking Recipes, Banana, Ethnic Recipes, Food

Banana and coconut cake recipe

I often bake this banana and coconut cake because it's simply AMAZING! It's so soft and flavorful that it's impossible to resist. Bake this cake a day ahead and leave it in a fridge overning, like this it will taste even better. You can also freeze this sweet (once ready, let it cool completely, wrap it in an alluminum foil and put it in a freezer), then just unfreeze when needed :-) Yummy, flavorful, soft and original - it's just ideal for breakfast or teatime. To make banana and coconut…

Pumpkin meatballs in a red sauce Homemade Cosmetics, Red Sauce, Chana Masala, Bon Appetit, Curry, Cooking Recipes, Pumpkin, Ethnic Recipes, Notes

Pumpkin meatballs in a red sauce

My son adores meatballs so I always try to invent new versions of this dish. Here is one of my family's favorite plates - pumpkin meatballs in a red sauce, loved by kids and adults. Easy to make, original and yummy. Perfect for both lunch and dinner. Bring a little of Italy to your table :-) Buon appetito! To make pumpkin meatballs in a red sauce you need: 500g (18oz) minced meat of your choice (I used minced veal) 150g (5oz) pumpkin 1 egg bread crumbs 1 onion 1 carrot celery 1 red bell…

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Khachapuri recipe

Khachapuri is a typical Georgian cheese-and-egg bread. The real Georgian khachapuri is made with sulguni cheese that is impossible to find in Italy. So I've adapted this recipe to Italian ingredients. The result is simply amazing! Try it and you'll fall in love:-)

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Easy vegan raspberry chocolate cookies

The time of fresh raspberries is coming and I still have a dozen of homemade raspberry jam jars to consume! I definitely had to bake something with it yeasterday evening. The problem was that I had neither eggs nor butter :-( The solution was found in one of my cooking magazines - when I saw these easy no-butter and no-eggs raspberry cookies I understood that it was my lucky day :-) Easy to make, delicious and super chewy - these cookies are a must try! To make easy vegan raspberry chocolate…

Quick ham and ricotta pie Ricotta Pie, Homemade Cosmetics, Calzone, Prosciutto, Bon Appetit, Pork, Cooking Recipes, Chicken, Meat

Quick ham and ricotta pie

This pie saves me when I have unexpected guests or if I am too lazy to cook something - it's easy and quick to make and really yummy, made with few ingredients you have at hand. Your guests will be impressed! To make quick ham and ricotta pie you need: 1 pack ready rolled puff pastry (300g/10oz) 300g (10oz) ricotta cheese 4 melty cheese slices 200g (7 oz) ham salt, black pepper Unroll the puff pastry Put half of ricotta on one side of the puff pastry Break the melty cheese slices in small…

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Spreadable cream cheese recipe

This cream cheese melts in your mouth... yummy... my family adores it. It's super delicious, gentle and you need only 2 ingredients to make it! Just spread it on some bread or crackers and enjoy :-) I've got my cream cheese recipe as a result of a ''trial-and-error'' method:-) And I must admit that it comes really tasty! To make it short, here is the recipe:-) What you need is: - 500g (18 oz) of full cream non - sweet yogurt - 1 teaspoon of salt That's all!!!! Mix the ingredients together…

Dried prune and bacon wraps Dried Prunes, Homemade Cosmetics, Bacon Wrapped, Bon Appetit, Asparagus, Wraps, Cooking Recipes, Notes, Vegetables

Dried prune and bacon wraps

Here is one of my favorite appetizers - super quick, easy and delicious prune and bacon wraps. Only two ingredients and less then 10 minutes of time and tasty crispy wraps are ready! Give them a try :-) To make dried prune and bacon wraps you need: dried seedless prunes slices of bacon tooth picks Wrap each prune in a slice of bacon and fix it with a tooth pick Preheat the oven to 200C/392F and bake the wraps for 5 minutes. Ready:-) They are delicious both hot and cold. Bon appetit!